What Are the Common Types of Weddings?

Types of Weddings

Almost 2.5 million weddings took place in 2022, and it doesn’t seem to be declining any time soon. So chances are you’ve been invited to a wedding or two this year.

It can be incredibly confusing if you don’t understand the nuances between the different types of weddings. You don’t want to wear a ballgown to a casual wedding or accidentally match the wedding party.

So, keep reading to find out more about the different types of weddings and what you should wear for them.

Virtual Wedding

With the rise of virtual meetings, it’s become much easier to include loved ones from all over the world. While virtual weddings became popular due to social distancing needs, they are still a great option now.

These types of weddings allow everyone to celebrate the big day without needing to travel or spend money on a new outfit. It’s a great option for money-conscious couples and allows everyone to be safe while still attending. 

Some couples combine a traditional and virtual wedding. This allows people to see the wedding happen in real time even if they can’t be there in person. This is perfect if your family is spread out across the world.

Destination Wedding

In contrast to a virtual wedding, a destination wedding invites all the guests to get together at a fantastic destination to celebrate the wedding. These types of weddings tend to be on the expensive side, and only a select number of guests RSVP yes due to the expenses.

When planning a wedding, many couples will inform their guests well in advance to give them time to plan for the expense.

Finding a wedding outfit can be a bit more challenging as you probably won’t have anything in your closet that you can wear. Most destination weddings choose exotic locations, meaning you might need to splurge on an outfit to attend this beautiful wedding.

Seasonal Weddings

There’s nothing worse than wearing clothes that aren’t appropriate for the season. Nobody wants to be cold while they’re at a wedding, so it’s important that you check the season and location of the wedding.

If you’re unsure of the weather, long sleeve bridesmaid dresses are always a good option. If you pick something with billowy sleeves, it’ll keep the chill away but also keep you cool in warmer temperatures.

Most invites will include a guide on what to wear and what weather you can expect, so make sure you carefully read the instructions. If your invite didn’t include a dress code, consider reaching out to the bridal party to confirm.

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Types of Weddings Explained

It’s important that you understand the differences between the various types of weddings if you want to dress appropriately. While planning a wedding, the bride and groom take a lot of time to pick the theme and type of wedding they want, so you should do everything in your power to meet their expectations. So go ahead and start shopping for the perfect wedding guest attire.

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