Dental CT Scans in Dublin and All You Need to Know About Them!

Dental CT Scans

Dental care is not only important but also essential for a healthy lifestyle and an excellent social life. Oral and dental hygiene is not only crucial for your personal hygiene but also for your social life with other people. A good smile is key to hundreds of opportunities and chances. Your teeth and your mouth play an essential role in your overall health because they are used to ingest food. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them very clean by following strict measures that help in maintaining good dental health. Brushing teeth, flossing them, eating crunchy fruits and vegetables, and drinking a lot of water are some basic and easiest things you can do to keep your teeth from getting a plaque or getting infected.

Some people lose their teeth at a really early age, which leads to a lot of hassle; therefore, it is advised to take care of their teeth since your early childhood. If taken proper care, your teeth may last for a long time while also being healthy and good-looking. No one likes having a constant toothache, which is torture in itself and causes a lot of hindrances in your daily life. If you develop any sort of disease or infection in your teeth, gums, or mouth, your doctor may run you through a Dental CT Scans to diagnose the problem and find a solution. Dublin Happy Dental is always available for its patients, to soothe their pain and give them the best possible solution for their teeth issues, so they can lead a carefree life and smile a happy, healthy smile!

What is a CT Scan?

 CT stands for Computed Tomography, and it is a special type of X-ray which differs from the normal type of X-ray. It provides a 3D image of around and inside of the tooth, jawbone, and the entire mouth. The exposure to radiation in this type of CT Scan is much higher than a regular one and allows the dentist to see dental structures, tooth structures, and tissue types. It also shows a clearer image of both the jaws; Maxillary and Mandibular.

In what cases would you need a CT Scan?

There is a chance that you will have to get Dental CT Scans once in your dental care procedure. It is for your dentist to have a clearer, 3D view of the patient’s teeth and conditions so he can come up with better orthodontic planning for your teeth. Before complex treatments like dental implants, a CT Scan is needed to see beneath the surface of teeth to place the implants accurately. Finding jaw tumors and identifying the origins of chronic mouth pain also requires a CT Scan. It is also done before wisdom teeth extraction surgery.

One of the most basic uses of dental CT Scans is to determine bone density prior to surgical processes of tooth implants. CT Scans are also used to determine complications in a root canal or done before performing a root canal. Patients who suffer from conditions such as sleep apnea may also need a CT Scan to determine jaw shape.

How does one prepare for a dental CT Scan?

We are pleased to tell you that not much preparation is required prior to a dental CT scan, but some things that should be kept in mind are any items of jewelry on your upper body that can disrupt the radiation should be removed like earrings, spectacles, ear, or nose piercings, hearing aids, etc. 

What happens during a dental CT Scan?

Like normal CT scans, you are either asked to sit or lie down in a marked spot that your doctor has marked for you. This is done to center your head to the beam of X-Rays that are imparted from the source. It is advised to keep extremely still while the scan is being performed and while the X-ray source and detector revolve around your head, which can take about 20-40 seconds. The detector takes a series of images that are then rearranged into s 3D X-ray that comes out as a clear X-Ray of the entire mouth.

What are the benefits of a dental X-ray, and why should I opt for it?

CT Scans are way better than normal scans because of multiple reasons that are listed below. The X-ray beam is very focused, which results in a better-quality image. It provides more information due to the clarity of the image, which allows a more precise treatment. It can capture bone density and soft tissue structures at the same time. The whole process is painless and harmless. No radiations are left in your body after the scan finishes. CT scans have no known side effects, and it is a very non-invasive process, which is why it is a much-preferred process all over the world.

Are there any risks of CT Scans that I should worry about?

Although there are no major risks of Ct Scans and there is a slight risk of developing cancer from major exposure to radiation. But this is definitely not the case for a scan or two. Also, children are advised to only get a CT scan if it is very urgent and should be exposed to only low radiations.

What is the price of a dental CT scan in Dublin, and why is it necessary?

CT scan in Dublin Ireland only €150!

A CT scan is important for your doctor to make an informed diagnosis of the condition of your teeth. At Dublin Happy Dental, we offer an affordable price, so every one of our patients can afford it and take care of their precious teeth. You will also get a copy of the CT Scan in case you need to take a second opinion from another dentist.

When will I get the results of my Dental CT Scans?

After the CT scan is done, it does not take much time for the reports to come. The imaging is then transferred to a computer, and an electronic version is sent to the doctor, which he reviews and devises a suitable plan for your dental treatment.

Is it a painful procedure?

No, it is not painful at all. You will not feel pain or pressure before, during or after the procedure.

How long does an OPG X-ray take?

It takes around 30-40 seconds, other than the preparation time. It won’t take any longer than 30 minutes in total.

Where to get a Dental CT Scan from in Dublin, Ireland?

People living in Dublin can get their CT scan done from Happy Dental Clinic. They are great and affordable!

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