7 Rocking Places To Rock The New Year Eve

New Year celebration

I know, so many of you have already made a plan for the new year. But still, there are a lot of people who are still thinking about what to do, and where to go. And it’s obvious because it is the new year. So something exciting and chart Buster should be done on New Year’s eve. So for those, who don’t have any new year plan and still confuse, this one for you all. Those who already made some exciting plans, you can also explore it. Who knows, maybe after exploring it, your plan will change.

So first let me give you all the brief details about what I am going to tell you. I will tell you all about the seven mesmerizing places, where you must go to celebrate the new year’s eve. Because these are times when you get a chance to explore a new culture, new place, new dishes, new tradition, and so many other things. This is extremely fun to do. All these places are widely famous for their new year celebration around the world. So you must go to these places. Okay, now I will give you some information about these places, and their way of New Year’s Eve celebration. 

Sydney, Australia

If you want to eat rice cake instead of a buttercream new year cake. You must go to Sydney. Because the weather is warm here. Sydney, new year’s eve is famous all over the world. Here a lot of things to do, you will be the witness of world-famous 12-minute fireworks. These fireworks happen on the bridge which is above the water. Each minute will recall each month of the year. There are many more things to do. 


Our next stop is Dubai. Dubai’s new year eve is also very famous. This is the reason why during the new year Dubai becomes the first choice of the new year celebration. You will be the witness of one of the most beautiful fireworks in the world. Especially those skyscrapers on Burj Khalifa. It’s my favorite. 

New York City

You all have already heard a lot about the New York City new year eve. I am sure you so many of you have experienced it. You will be shocked to know, but let me tell you all. At midnight there 38 different time zones count the time on the night of 31st December. But the center of attraction is always Times Square. If you want to express love to your special. This will be the best time. So just order flowers here you will get the best flowers. You just need to search on the Internet for the best flower delivery. 

Berlin, Germany

If you are a great party animal. This will be the best place to celebrate the new year’s eve. Because here you will get the chance to do the best party on new year’s eve. It will be for more than 12hours. So you will get tired but the party will not be over. These parties were held in between the Victory Column and Brandenburg Gate. 

Tokyo, Japan

For the new year’s eve celebration, you can’t skip Tokyo from this list. If you want to see the beautiful fireworks, you can shake your leg all night. Just come here, here you will get a lot of options to celebrate the new year. Some places are available in the city and some are at a distance from the city. When you are in Japan, don’t forget to eat their special cake. You can order online cake delivery if you can’t find it on the street. 

Cape Town, South Africa

This is one of the most beautiful places, I can say without any doubt.  If you love mountains and want to see the fireworks, attend concerts and eat delicious food. Just pack your bag, book your tickets, and come here. All the beauty of New Year’s Eve you will see here. 

Athens, Greece

I don’t think anyone here is not a fan of Greece’s beauty and its culture. Here not only you will see the fireworks, and you will get a chance to do a rocking party. But also here, you will get numerous things to do and explore. If you are looking for a romantic destination to celebrate the new year with your love of life. Consider it on the top of your list. 

These are my top 7 best places to celebrate the new year’s eve. All these are so much popular in the world because of their way of celebration. So what are you waiting for, come and be a part of this year’s new year’s eve celebration among these 7 places. 

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