8 Mistakes Men Make When Wearing Jewelry

Wearing Jewelry

Do you want to learn more about the common jewelry mistakes men make when dressing for different occasions? Are you a man looking for buying the best jewelry and accessories for family, friends, and yourself? If so, then you’ve come to the right jewelry tips!

Not everyone can pull off amazing outfits and accessories, so make sure you aren’t one of those people. Depending on what jewelry you buy, and where you buy it, it can either work well or absolutely not at all.

Find out more about what NOT to do when wearing jewelry by reading below. Let’s get started!

1. Wearing Too Much Jewelry

Too many rings, clunky necklaces, and over-the-top pieces can be overwhelming to the eye. A good rule of thumb is to start off with just one piece. For example, if you are wearing a wedding band, try wearing a single leather bracelet or silver wallet chain to compliment the look.

Other pieces, like rings, collars, and necklaces, should be used sparingly. With a few pieces of jewelry, men can look polished and stylish without going overboard. Extra attention can also be made to style choices. Size and texture can be used to create accents rather than visual blaring.

Last but not least, don’t forget to change up your look from time to time. Shop for knuckle rings and you will be rewarded with stylish knuckle rings that you love.

2. Ignoring The Occasion

Men often make the mistake of not taking into account the correct type of event when wearing jewelry. It is important to be aware of the atmosphere and the event so as to dress appropriately. Wearing a statement piece on a casual outing or simple jewelry to an upscale event is a common mistake that can convey either too much or too little respect for the occasion.

For a more formal occasion, it is best to opt for classic pieces like a gold chain with a pendant or to keep it simple and classy with a pair of studs or cufflinks. By understanding the environment, the man can make sure that the jewelry pieces he wears are appropriate for the occasion. 

3. Not Considering Personal Style

This can lead to men donning pieces that do not flatter their individual looks or sense of fashion. Jewelry, like any other wardrobe or accessory item, can make or break a look. Accessorizing with jewelry draws attention to details which can highlight the overall style of an outfit; when it is mismatched, it can draw attention away from the look.

Men should consider the cut, color, and type of jewelry that best suits their body shape and their personal look. Paying attention to the small details such as the size of a watch face or the shape of an earring can help ensure that the look is polished and tailored.

4. Improper Fit

Improper fit is one of the biggest mistakes men make when wearing jewelry. An ill-fitting bracelet, for example, can make a man’s hand appear bulky. A necklace that is too small or too big for his neck will be unattractive and uncomfortable. Rings should also fit properly: if a man chooses a ring that is too large for his finger, it may cause discomfort or appear gaudy.

To find the right fit for rings and necklaces, it is important to measure the circumference of the area where the piece will be placed. Another important aspect of fit is the weight of the jewelry; pieces that are too heavy or make using one’s hands difficult should be avoided.

5. Mixing Metals Haphazardly

Men who don’t know the rules of jewelry-making can easily stir up the fashion police with a clashing combination of silver and gold. It’s often thought that jewelry should complement non-metallic items but this is not completely true. Jewelry should always be carefully selected to ensure that all items match both in metal type as well as color.

When it comes to metals, men should avoid pairing silver and gold as much as possible. White gold also looks better with silver, while yellow gold looks better with copper or bronze. Keep in mind that all metal types and colors should match when it comes to pairing jewelry so pick items that will look spectacular with the other pieces in your collection.

6. Neglecting Maintenance

Many men make the mistake of neglecting the maintenance of their jewelry. While jewelry is timeless, it needs a bit of love and cares to remain appealing and beautiful. Without proper cleaning and storage, jewelry can dull or corrode, making it look unappealing. 

Additionally, the jewelry should be added to a rotation to avoid it becoming damaged. Taking off rings at night and wearing necklaces only once or twice a month prevents strain on the pulls, chains, and clasps.

7. Wearing Outdated Or Cheap Pieces

This can lead to men looking unfashionable and reflecting a dated sense of style. Not only that but the lower-quality pieces may not always be made of safe materials. Sticking with jewelry pieces that are in current fashion, along with choosing pieces that are made of higher quality materials, is important.

Not only will a man look more fashionable, but he will ensure that the jewelry is safe and won’t cause any harm to his body. Quality, contemporary pieces will be well worth the investment and show a man’s sense of style and fashion.

8. Failing To Match With Outfit Colors

Oftentimes, they will choose jewelry that is too bright or eye-catching and won’t take into consideration the overall hue of their outfit. Wearing a bright-colored accessory with an outfit full of inoffensive pastels creates an unpleasant clash of styles.

Furthermore, statement pieces can be hard to pull off with a casual ensemble. Understanding how jewelry can pair harmoniously with an outfit is key to a well-put-together look. 

Unlocking Your Style: Jewelry Tips and Tricks

No matter what kind of jewelry a man chooses to wear, it’s important to understand the common mistakes men make that can cost them style points. When selecting a piece of jewelry tips, it’s wise to ensure that it’s appropriately sized and looks good with the rest of his outfit and to avoid wearing more than a few pieces at one time.

Above all else, trust your personal style and wear pieces that make you feel confident and good. Now, go out and find the perfect jewelry to complete any look!

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