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Cold Calling Script

Ever since telemarketing has been the primary source of gathering leads for life insurance and increasing business revenue, companies have focussed keenly on this marketing strategy. It is of utmost importance to have cold calling scripts that can effectively attract clients and engage them. The content in these scripts can play an important role in increasing call durations. However, it is easier said than done. Most customers hang up the call even before the caller can get to the subject matter of the conversation when they realize that it’s an unsolicited marketing call. 

In this article, we will discuss this problem and try to find a feasible solution to engage clients. We will talk about how we can optimize cold calling scripts to yield desired outcomes.

How Do You Sell a Life Insurance Over Phone? 

People have the lowest tolerance for telemarketing calls, now more than ever. Therefore, to capture their attention, life insurance call centres must think entirely out of the box and develop cold calling scripts accordingly: 

Think Different:

Think about what is the most attractive feature of your company’s life insurance scheme and how it sets it apart from the rest. Use that to arrest the customer’s interest. Customers are not likely to entertain similar pitches from multiple life insurance companies.  

Prepare a Script:

Do not go into the call without a proper script. Prepare an outline sketch of how you want to begin the call and take it ahead as it progresses. Ensure that you know exactly what you need to convey to customers so that you hold their attention effectively. 

Communicate Like A Pro:

Familiarize yourself with the pitch and be confident in your delivery. If you sound like you don’t know what you are talking about, the customer is less likely to engage in discussion with you. Never fumble while attending calls. Relax, take a deep breath, and be very thorough with your script.

Development of A Cold Calling Scripts That Works

We are going to break the development process of an ideal cold calling script into three steps: 

Step 1- Introduction: 

As soon as the prospect answers your call, begin by introducing yourself and the life insurance company. Check if you are speaking to the right person and start the call with a polite inquiry such as asking them about their day. 

Building a rapport is the most crucial part of engaging a customer. It is important that your prospect understands that you are not desperate to sell something and that you are looking to have a  meaningful conversation where you get to educate him/her about the policies that your company has to offer. In doing so, you help them relate to you more as a human than sounding like a robot who is only hell-bent on selling something. 

Step 2- Handling Customer Queries:

The second step of your call is to enlighten your prospect with why you are calling him/her. With that, try to find out if the customer is interested in life insurance schemes with a few questions, such as asking them whether they have any existing life insurance policies. An affirmative tone indicates he/she might be interested in what you are selling as well. 

Further, go on to explain why you are calling and let them know that there are local agents who can offer free, no-strings-attached life insurance quotes to the prospect. Ask them whether they are interested and see if they qualify for the same. 

Here, let them respond and do not interrupt them while they are speaking. Listen carefully to everything they are saying and make a note of all the information they are providing regarding their existing policies and how that fares against the plan you are offering. 

Ask your new leads for their permission to talk again at a date and time that is convenient for them. While you may get a positive response from the leads at this stage, you will get a fair share of negative responses and objections at this stage.

Step 3- Gathering information: 

The final step involves handling his/her objections and reluctance. A good practice is to be prepared with a list of these frequently asked queries: 

Refusal #1:

Your prospect may think he/she is too young/old to think about a life insurance scheme. 

Response: It is never too early or too late to plan for the future for yourself and your family. 

Refusal #2:

Your prospect may be too busy to entertain a conversation regarding life insurance.

Response: Promise him/her that your call is going to be a short one and that he/she isn’t obligated to buy anything. 

Refusal #3:

Your prospect might have a life insurance policy already with some other company. 

Response: Let your prospect know that there is no harm in getting an insurance quote from another company. Inform them about the new rates and better benefits they may get if they sign up for the scheme that you are offering. 


This is just an example of a script that is bound to work. However, you may have to make adjustments to it based on the life insurance scheme that you are selling, the organization and also, the customer. Always be prepared!

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