Microfiber Leather Concept

microfiber leather concept

To know the application of microfiber leather in life, we should first learn the basic Concepts of this type of leather!

microfiber leather has the full name Microfiber Artificial Leather or Microfiber Leather. Translation into Vietnamese is the line of microfiber artificial leather, also known as microfiber artificial leather.

microfiber leather structure

microfiber leather is produced by 3D knitting technology that simulates the structure of real leather. The main components include polyester fiber, polyamide fiber and PU resin. Without experience, it will be easy to confuse with real leather, because the appearance is 90% similar. This is also the reason why the Applications of microfiber leather in life are popular in many different fields.

Characteristics of microfiber leather

The application of microfiber leather in life must be said to be extremely numerous because it possesses many outstanding advantages as follows:

Up to 90% similarity to real leather

If you do not learn about microfiber leather in advance, you will most likely confuse them with natural leather. By 3D knitting technology, microfiber leather has the structure and shape like real leather.

Greater durability

microfiber leather is connected very firmly, so it is much more durable than real leather. In addition, it also has good bearing capacity and quite high elasticity.

Easy to maintain, clean, clean

Although it has the same pore structure as real leather, microfiber leather is resistant to liquids. Makes cleaning with water or detergent extremely easy. This feature also helps to increase the durability of the product and prolong its life if it is stored and cleaned properly.

Various colors and designs

Microfiber leather has the advantage of colors and designs, giving users more choices. Depends on your preferences or needs.

This diversity also makes interior color schemes easier and more harmonious. Real leather cannot do this, because it only has the basic colors brown, white, black, and yellow.

Good heat resistance, fire resistance

microfiber leather is known to be one of the best fire-resistant, impact-resistant materials. So, you can completely rest assured to use products made from this type of leather.

Low price

Modern production lines make it easier to produce microfiber leather and in larger quantities. Therefore, the price of microfiber leather is cheaper and the application of microfiber leather in life is also more.

Applications OF Microfiber Leather In Life

The similarity is up to 90% but the price is up to 30% cheaper than real leather, so microfiber leather is widely used in many fields.

Applications of microfiber leather in life: Automotive interior field, microfiber leather seat material. Referring to the application of microfiber leather in life, many people will immediately think of the car seats in the luxury car segment. Good elasticity, waterproof, abrasion resistance, and soft and comfortable feeling, … are the advantages of microfiber leather that make users satisfied.

In addition, this type of leather is also used to cover the car steering wheel with the effect of protecting and creating a comfortable feeling when driving.

Applications of microfiber leather in life: Garment field

Similar to real leather, microfiber leather is also widely used in the field of apparel – fashion such as shoes, leather bags, leather wallets, leather bags, leather belts … or work shoes.

Manufacturing units take advantage of the high durability, easy maintenance, cleaning, waterproofing, and dust proofing of microfiber leather to create products of good quality and durability.

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