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Neha Kakkar

You must be a music lover and want to know more about your favorite singer? What is happening in their life as well?  Probably every day you listen to your all favorite singers’ songs on your Smartphone or any other gadget. Therefore here in this short note of article, we are going to discuss one of the best singers of this new generation. Through the help of this piece of note, we are going to offer you the whole story about the life of Neha Kakkar.

Neha Kakkar in the present day is very much popular among the young singers of this generation. She became an overnight sensation by her singing talent. People used to admire her for her cuteness and her singing talent. Currently, she is holding the position of a judge in the Indian Idol singing reality show on Sony TV.  In the previous time, she was a contestant of this same show, and after this reality show, she becomes popular among the audiences. 

Biography Wikipedia

Name Neha Kakkar
Nickname Nehu
Parents Rishikesh Kakkar, Niti Kakkar
Siblings Sonu Kakkar, Tony Kakkar
Age 33 Years (as of 2021)
Date of Birth 6th June of 1988
Birth Place Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Home town Delhi, India
Height 152 cm
Weight 52 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Hair type Curly
Nationality Indian
Zodiac sign Gemini
Religion Hinduism
Marital status Married
Husband Rohanpreet Singh
Profession Actress, Singer
Net worth Approx. $3.5m

Early Days Of Neha Kakkar

In the year 1988, on June 6, Neha was born in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. The name of his father is Rishikesh Kakkar and his mother’s name is Niti Kakkar. Sonu Kakkar is her elder sister and Tony Kakkar is her brother. Later the family moved to Delhi where she tried her luck in her singing career. From her childhood days, she was very much fascinated and interested in singing. She gets inspiration from her elder sister Sonu Kakkar and decides to follow this profession in her career.

Besides that, at the age of four, she started performing in different Local gatherings and religious festivals. Later she came with her brother Tony Kakkar to In Mumbai 2004. In the second season of Indian Idol a singing reality show, she participated at the age of 18 but soon she was eliminated from that show. 

Neha Kakkar age was four only when she started singing by herself.  She tries to follow the footprint of her elder sister Sonu Kakkar and take advice from her. 

In addition, we know that Neha Kakkar age was 18 when she first appeared for a reality show where she got the chance to fulfill her dream. 

Education Life

Now let us see the education life of Neha Kakkar in detail. She completed her schooling at New Holy Public School which is in Delhi. But she did not go to college for higher studies as started growing her interest in music and singing career. There is no such valid information about her higher studies. She only completed her primary and upper primary education

Neha Kakkar’s Height 

Now let us discuss the Neha Kakkar height in little detail. Few article portals claim that she is 4’10” and some others said that no her height is 5 feet. Whatever the height she has but still she is successful to take a position in the hearts of audiences.

 People always find Neha Kakkar height, below the average but still, she manages outstandingly and by her cute expression and facial expressions able to have the attention of people quickly. 

Personal Life Of Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar is probably one of the best singers of the present generation. Neha Kakkar sister Name is Sonu Kakkar who is very much popular in the film industry by her amazing singing talent. Besides that her brother Tony Kakkar is a music director and often sings songs as well. Neha Kakkar’s sister Sonu Kakkar inspired her to join in the singing profession as her career.

By nationality, Neha is an Indian rising star of India who has lots of talents in singing and music. She is a Hindu girl who was brought up in Rishikesh. 

Neha Kakkar once dated actor Himansh Kohli. He was officially Neha Kakkar’s boyfriend for a long time but soon this sweet couple broke up at each other. This breakup leads Neha into a deep depression which she often expresses through her social media platforms. Neha Kakkar boyfriend, Himansh Kohli however, did not react to any of her posts. 

Singing Career

Neha Kakkar started her singing career in the year 2005. In that year, she became a participant in the second season of Indian Idol a singing reality show. But it seems like her luck did not support her and soon she gets eliminated from the show. After that, she makes a singing album named Neha the rockstar, and the music was composed by Meet Brothers. She even sings a song for the Indian Daily soap serial’s Title track. However, she gets her recognition from Cocktail movie’s songs.

After that, soon overnight she became very much popular for her singing talent and get admiration from the people around her.

Reality Shows

She only becomes a judge of a single reality show called Indian Idol.  Here she judged the whole Show with Anu Malik and Vishal Dadlani. However, she once was a participant in the show. Neha Kakkar’s husband, who is Rohanpreet Singh, also tries his luck with a reality show. 

Neha Kakkar husband rohanpreet Singh is younger than her. But soon they two fall for each other and get married to each other in the year 2020. 

Neha Kakkar’s Marriage Life

At the end of the year, 2020 Neha Kakkar marry her beloved Rohan Preet Singh. Neha Kakkar’s marriage ceremony was big where most of the close friends and relatives attend their marriage and give blessings to this newlywed couple. In addition, Neha Kakkar’s wedding changes her life, and again found true love in Rohan Preet Singh.

 On the other side, Neha Kakkar’s marriage was also the talk of the town as she was very much excited about her marriage with her boyfriend. However, the whole family was very much happy about Neha Kakkar’s wedding with Rohan Preet Singh. 

Before the marriage of Neha, a song was about to release with her would-be husband Rohan Preet Singh. Then, a rumor was spread that Neha Kakkar was Pregnant. Even in that song, she played the character of a pregnant woman. Is Neha Kakkar pregnant? This is the most searched question on the internet at that particular time.

 However, the rumor Neha Kakkar pregnant gets dismissed when the album comes. In addition, people also know the fact that she was not pregnant. Moreover, is Neha Kakkar pregnant? The search becomes down! 

Neha Kakkar’s Net Worth

Now talking about the net worth of Neha Kakkar, She charges 1.5 Lakh for each song.  Neha Kakkar net worth is around $3.5 million According to the year 2020. There are so many other websites that claimed that Neha Kakkar’s net worth is much higher than this. She is still a judge of the Indian Idol reality show. Neha Kakkar Song you will find on YouTube. Even she has a YouTube channel of her own.

On the YouTube channel, you can watch Neha Kakkar’s songs till today she sang the songs. In addition, you can watch the video clips of Neha Kakkar Indian Idol as a contestant.  Probably you will see the struggle life of Neha before she became famous in this industry and how was the life of Neha Kakkar Indian Idol as a contestant. 


Therefore here is a piece of full information about Neha Kakkar and her career and personal life. We tried to elaborate on every detail with the help of this article. I hope every one of you will get some informative information about her life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Neha Kakkar Is Pragnent?

No. She is not pregnant but a rumor has been spread before her album release. In that song, Neha played the role of a pregnant woman.

2. Does Neha Kakkar Smoke?

No, there are no reports proving that she is a smoker.

3. Does Neha Kakkar Drink Alcohol?

Neha does not drink alcohol.

4. Is She Still Judging Indian Idol?

Yes, she is judging Indian Idol along with Anu Malik and Vishal Dadlani.

5. Does She Do Mimicry?

Yes, Neha has an excellent talent for doing mimicry of others. For this reason, she is also quite popular.

6. Who is Neha Kakkar’s Husband?

Rohanpreet Singh is Neha’s husband. He is such a prince charm of Neha’s life.

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