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Best IVF centers in Delhi

Gaudium IVF & Infertility center has become a trusted name in Delhi for its clinical excellence and experience in handling IVF cases. A highly skilled team of IVF specialists & a committed support staff drive the IVF program at Gaudium making it one of the best IVF centers in Delhi.

The Clinics of Gaudium are fully equipped IVF centers comparable to the best in the world, which provides a complete range of advanced fertility solutions to its patients. Under the leadership of Dr. Manika Khanna, an award-winning IVF specialist, the internationally trained fertility specialists of Gaudium ensure that the treatment being offered to patients is apt & comprehensive. 

Another aspect that makes Gaudium a popular choice is the high-quality services that it extends to its patients. These services ensure that all the important needs of infertility patients are met and that their treatment is carried as hassle-free as possible.

Let us have a look at the patient services offered by Gaudium:

Egg Freezing & Embryo Freezing 

Egg preservation is something that is often considered by women who wish to delay their motherhood. The age of the eggs plays a big part in a women’s ability to go through a successful pregnancy, and cryopreservation or egg freezing is a good way to preserve healthy eggs and using them at a later date. 

The fertility preservation program at Gaudium offers Egg Freezing services to its patients, and in addition to this, it also offers Embryo freezing service in which surplus embryos from an IVF cycle is preserved for patients who wish to have another child after a few years. 

The experienced fertility specialists at Gaudium have helped many women preserve their fertility through their excellent fertility preservation program. 

Donor Egg IVF

Good quality eggs are essential for IVF treatment to be successful. But at times due to advanced maternal age, poor ovarian reserve (insufficient good-quality eggs) or poor egg quality, women are unable to conceive. In such cases, donor egg IVF is frequently recommended. Gaudium IVF & Gynae solution offers Donor egg IVF and has helped numerous couples fulfil their dream of childbirth through this method. 

Donor Sperm 

Donor sperm is generally recommended to couples who are unable to conceive if the male suffers for severe infertility with no possible recourse. The process for donor sperm IVF is similar to the standard IVF treatment, apart from the fact that the sperm is taken from a donor bank in a frozen state. 

The Donor banks associated with Gaudium IVF are certified and adhere to stringent donor screening and sperm banking protocol.

Diagnostic services 

Accurate diagnostics are vital for effective fertility and IVF treatment. The diagnostic labs at Gaudium are fully equipped and are considered one of the best laboratories and imaging centres in the region. It carries out comprehensive tests for both male & female infertility and other gynaecology related issues. 

Finance Options 

IVF treatment cost in Delhi can vary from one IVF center to another. At Gaudium, however, you get an option to get the treatment financed, which you can pay back in simple EMI’s. 

Support & Counselling 

Treatments for infertility like IVF can be quite long-drawn and stressful for people. And, at times leads to psychological issues like anxiety, stress & depression. 

To help patients with their emotional needs, Gaudium has developed an excellent support & counselling program in which trained counsellors help patients deal with their problems effectively and go through their fertility treatment without any obstacle. 

International Patients 

Gaudium is also a popular choice for IVF & fertility treatment amongst international patients. To facilitate treatment of international patients Gaudium provides assistance like dedicated team to coordinate consultation visits, testing and report collection, assistance with egg donation, sperm donation & surrogacy etc. 

In a period of a little over 10 years, Gaudium has made a good name for itself in the field of assisted reproduction. With its excellent patient care and good clinical results, it has earned the trust of people and is now regarded as one of the top IVF centers in Delhi. 

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