Tips For Golf Course Irrigation System

Like golf course mowers, aerators and other turf maintenance equipment and utility vehicles, your irrigation system also plays an important role in good course maintenance. Get a highly efficient irrigation system from a website offering new and used golf course mowers for sale

If you are not using the right irrigation system, this leads to inferior greens and fairways appearance. It is also a wastage of water.

If you carefully inspect your irrigation system on a regular basis and take the correct steps for timely repair, you can reduce irrigation system maintenance efforts and also reduce downtime.

You can take the following steps to get optimal performance from your irrigation system.

Proper Rotor Maintenance

The modern design makes rotors maintenance-free. However, they play an important role in irrigation systems. They also need seasonal time, labor and control for proper operation. Check your rotor for the following at the time of inspection:

  • Worn seals
  • Worn nozzles
  • Proper rotation
  • Thatch build up
  • Proper arc adjustment

Clogged screens and cracked cases are not rare. You can easily identify and fix them.

Arc Adjustment

Each part-circle rotor must move properly through its adjusted arc pattern. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to readjust the arc if required. 

Thatch Build Up

Thatch build-up can also interfere with the irrigation system. Decomposition of grass blade leads to thatch build-up. Remove it.


Make sure that each rotor is working. If it does not rotate, replace it.

Worn Nozzles

If water is coming from a gritty or dirty source, or you are using an older system, the nozzle will wear out.

Worn Seals

The flow of water will be between the cap and the rotor’s turret if the rotor has a worn seal.

Crack Case

It is not easy to detect a cracked case. An unusually wet area indicates that there is a crack.

Controller Program

According to studies, 30 to 50% of golf courses are overwatered. However, you can maintain a healthy course and also conserve water with the AAA approach – Anticipate, Adjust and Achieve.     


Get weather data for your area and check the weather forecast. Mark your calendar to keep track of changes. Get monthly, weekly or daily weather data. Some monthly programming modifications can help in saving water.     


Use water budget to increase or decrease irrigation. Modify your irrigation schedule accordingly. You can also avoid turf stress with water budgets. 


Water conservation is the biggest advantage of fine-tuning your course controllers. Detailed scheduling is also good for your members. 

Maintain the Brain 

Fully functioning controller parts ensure that the irrigation system runs efficiently. Check the following: 


Make sure that controller wires are properly connected and neatly routed. 


There should be no rodents, ants, vines, snails or any other foreign debris in the cabinet.


Backup battery replacement is important according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 


Make sure that earth ground does not exceed 5 ohms.

Rain Sensor 

Clean the sensor regularly. Readjust it if required. 

If the irrigation system is damaged beyond repair, check the collection of a website offering used golf course mowers for sale and other golf course equipment. You may also find a used irrigation system and save money.    

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