Top Apps for Android Smartphones

The most fascinating thing about picking the Android Smartphones is that there is a bounty of apps up for download on your phone. Google Play Store has a rich assortment of apps and games across multiple genres that are helpful at times. If you are into traveling, you will find multiple apps that will ease your traveling and make it stress-free. On the other hand, to make your journey even exciting, Google Play Store gives you access to multiple apps that let you stream your favorite music while you are hitting the road. Downloading these apps is a simple and straightforward process and for those who encounter any difficulty, they can dial Google Play Phone Number to raise issues. We have sifted through the Google Play Store and compiled a list of these apps that are helpful at times.

  • Google Drive – Google Drive is one of the most essential apps that must be available on your smartphone. This app offers a cloud storage platform where you can store your videos, photos without filling your internal space. Well, you can always choose to buy more space for storing your data, and personal things. While we are at it, what makes Google Drive an interesting application for smartphones is the fact that it is versatile. Apart from letting you store your data, a bunch of special apps come integrated with this app and that includes Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sheet, Google Forms, and more. Google Drive enhances productivity and allows you to share your documents and data with others.
  • Google Maps – Google Maps remains one of the most popular and best apps of all-time. Google Maps lets you navigate through unfamiliar roads and make sure you reach your destination on time. Apart from showing routes, Google Maps shows places of interest, gives you traffic details and tells you the estimated time it will take to reach your destination. Since roads and bridges are always under construction, Google Maps get frequent updates to help you navigate through the foreign land easily. So, if you frequently go out on a trip or hit the roads, Google Maps should available on your smartphone. Also, there are some best top employee monitoring software
  • Hulu – To keep you entertained, there are great options available in Google Play Store. However, nothing beats the online video streaming service- Hulu. When you think of streaming your favorite shows, Hulu is the only name that comes to mind and there are various good reasons for it as well. Hulu lets you enjoy a rich collection of movies or shows whether you are tempted with classics or want to binge watch the latest shows. You will need to have Hulu Subscription to access these shows. If you have any questions about the subscription you can dial Hulu Phone Number to contact the customer care team and get your issues addressed.
  • Google Play Music – Google has its own music app that competes with online streaming services like Spotify. Google Play Music gives you access to a large number of music and is free to use. For those who want to get access to millions of songs, Google Play Music is the app to go with. Apart from accessing content, users can store thousands of songs in the online cloud memory. So, if you have a collection of your favorite songs, just upload it and get access to these songs on-demand. 
  • Zoom Cloud Meeting – While the world is hit by a pandemic and the work-from-home has become a new norm, Zoom Cloud Meeting lets you connect with your colleagues, host meetings through various chat features. Zoom Cloud Meeting has turned out to be one of the best applications that offer a range of features such as messaging, video chat, file sharing and more. It has become one of the most solid and reliable messaging platforms and is up for download from Google Play Store.

Udemy РFor those who are always curious and want to hone their skills, Udemy is the place to go with. Udemy offers a range of courses across multiple categories and the students can easily take advantage of these courses to upgrade their skills. You can download individual lessons to learn and there’s an audio-only mode as well. The courses available there will cost you money however there are always deals and discounts up for grabs.

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