Vacation Club vs. Timeshare: Which Offers More Value for Your Money?

Vacation Club vs. Timeshare

Are you considering investing in a vacation property? Are you unsure whether to choose a vacation club or timeshare ownership? Both options offer the ability to own your piece of paradise.

You can enjoy unforgettable getaways. But, there are distinct differences between the two. These differences can impact your investment choice.

In this guide, we’ll compare vacation club vs timeshare. We’ll help you make the best decision for your money.

What Is a Vacation Club?

A vacation club is a vacation ownership or timeshare exchange program. Members can buy points or credits to stay at various resorts in the program’s network. You can exchange these points for stays on a family getaway at different locations.

Additionally, some vacation clubs offer other perks. For example, they may offer discounts on airfare, car rentals, and activities.

What Is Timeshare Ownership?

Timeshare ownership involves purchasing a specific unit or week at one resort for a set amount of time each year. This means the owner exclusively uses that unit during their designated time frame, one week per year.

The ownership may be for a set number of years or in perpetuity. Club memberships allow for the exchange of ownership with other resort properties, but this is not a standard feature.

Differences Between Vacation Club and Timeshare Ownership

There are fundamental differences that might influence your choice. The disagreements between vacation club vs timeshare rest on several vital factors.


Vacation club vs timeshare ownership offers varying levels of flexibility. Vacation clubs allow members to use their points towards stays at many resorts.

This provides more options for vacation destinations. Timeshare ownership is limited to one specific resort and a week each year.


Regarding cost, vacation clubs generally have a lower upfront fee than timeshare ownership. This is because vacation clubs operate on a points system. Timeshare ownership requires a larger upfront investment as it involves purchasing a specific unit or week at one resort.

Maintenance Fees

Both vacation clubs and timeshare ownership come with maintenance fees to cover the cost of upkeep and utilities for the resort property. Vacation clubs may have lower maintenance fees as the price is divided among all program members.

Timeshare ownership may have higher maintenance fees due to the individual ownership of a specific unit.

Points vs Weeks

Vacation clubs operate on a points system, while timeshare ownership is based on specific weeks. With vacation clubs, members can use their points for shorter or longer stays at different resorts.

You can check this page on DVC points charts. This can benefit those who may not have the time for a week’s vacation.

Timeshare ownership restricts owners to one specific week each year. While this may provide a consistent vacation schedule, it may not offer as much vacation duration or destination flexibility.

Exchange Options

Both vacation clubs and timeshare ownership offer exchange options, but vacation clubs tend to have a broader range of options. Vacation clubs allow for exchanges within the program’s network, providing more variety in vacation destinations.

Timeshare ownership may also offer exchange options but is usually limited to properties within the same company.

Knowing the Difference Between Vacation Club vs Timeshare

In the decision between vacation club vs timeshare, it’s essential to weigh the factors. The best choice depends on your vacationing habits, financial situation, and lifestyle preferences. Remember to take the time to research, understand each option’s terms and conditions, and make the decision that will provide the most value and enjoyment for your investment.

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