5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Chitkul in Himachal Pradesh

5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Chitkul in Himachal Pradesh

Haven’t gone to Chitkul yet? If you are a mountain lover and want to explore a place that is less explored, then you must visit Chitkul. Chitkul is a minor village positioned in the district of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh.

Chitkul proposals enthralled scenic attractiveness to its visitors. Also, it is believed and recently proved by some survey that Chitkul has the freshest air in India. One can visit at any time in the year to this beautiful village, but if you talk about the finest time, then May to October is the finest time to visit here.

In this article, we will share the 5 most beautiful places to visit in Chitkul. Keep reading to know more about it:

Sangla Meadows to glare at snow-capped mountains

Sangla Meadows is one of the finest places for sightseeing. It is one of the unexplored hill stations in Himachal Pradesh.  This place is encircled by snow-capped mountains, and you can also witness apple orchards in this place. One can also do the trek at this place, starting from Sangla Kanda, and see awestruck interpretations throughout the trek.

Baspa river to relax your body and depth

Baspa river is the most well-known in Chitkul, and it passes through Sangla hills. If you talk about the picturesque attractiveness of this place, it is measured as one of the finest places in the Himachal. This river flows at the fastest speed. One can practice an enthralling view from this place and can witness rainbows as well. The surrounding area of this river is great for trekkers and those who love camping.

Brelengi Gompa a Buddhist Monastery

It is a lovely place in Chitkul, you can experience Tibetan culture here. This place is positioned close to ReckongPeo. It was recognized in 1922 by the society of Mahabodhi for Dalai Lama. One can knowledge inner peace at this place.

Borasu Pass trek to relish trek and view

One can knowledge glacial lakes and Har-ki-dun valley of Zhupkia here. For people who love adventure, then trekking at Borasu Pass Trek is one of the best places for you. In this trek, you will witness multiple forests like chestnut, walnut, chinar, and willow trees.

Kamru Fort to seek blessings

While going to Chitkul, don’t forget the scenic Sangla Valley, Kamru Fort is about 2 km from the Sangla valley. This place is one of the ancient doorways to feel the Goddess Kamakhya Devi. The Fort is now measured as a religious temple with a deity of the goddess Kamakhya, there’s a mythology that there are around 33 crore gods resides in the fort.

Chitkul Village for an Offbeat experience

This village is the last village owned by Himachal Pradesh with a population of 882 at the height of 3450 meters above the sea level, after this village, you’ll find Indo -Tibetan borders. However, Chitkul is one of the best offbeat places in Himachal that offers you the cleanest air in India to relax, and heavy snowfall to fill your heart.  

Akhiri Dhaba for an amazing meal

AkhiriDhaba is located in Chitkul on the sets of the river Baspa adjacent India-China Border. There is a board at this place on which it is written, the Last Dhaba of India. You’ll experience amazing scenic beauty from this place, and simultaneously you can enjoy delightful food here.


So, these are the 5 best Chitkul sightseeing places. If you are unsure if you can manage a trip on your own, then one of the finest things you can do to enjoy the best sightseeing is to book a tour package from Delhi- Leh Ladakh- Manali Tour. In this package, you can cover the Leh Ladakh area and Manali in Himachal Pradesh. There are many privileges you can have while booking this tour package is you will have hotel accommodation with breakfast and dinner, it includes all transportation and sightseeing and excursion as per itinerary. Plan a trip today or book a tour package to stay out of all hassle. 

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