The Best Use of a Streamlight Flashlight

Streamlight Flashlight

A clear vision is essential to a police officer on a service call. Law enforcement agents carry bright Streamlight flashlights for distinct reasons, as they need to see into dark vehicles, dark buildings, and suspicious movements.

Results from a survey showed that the most common reason police officers buy tactical flashlights is to increase their vision brightness. A Streamlight police flashlight also comes in handy when there is a knockout of power in any emergency.

There are different types and purposes for a Streamlight flashlight design. The multipurpose handheld type is the most commonly found with officers on patrol duty. Handheld, weapon mount, and other variations of Streamlight tactical flashlights have their respective use for law enforcement officers.

What is a Streamlight Police Flashlight

The Streamlight flashlight is one of the most important police gear found on an officer on duty.  It is an item designed to provide illumination and increased vision ability in any situation of service. A tactical flashlight is used by the military, security agencies, rescue teams, and other law enforcement agencies.

Each type of streamlight police flashlight has its application as per feature and balance that provides specific lighting needs.

The different types include:-

  • handheld EDC tactical flashlight
  • full-length tactical flashlight
  • purpose-specific tactical flashlight

Regular flashlights differ from Streamlight police flashlights based on material composition. The Streamlight tactical flashlights are made of sturdy materials that are water and weather-resistant. They are also brighter and highly durable.

Why Police Officers should have Streamlight Tactical Flashlights

The benefits of having a Streamlight police flashlight are:-

1.   Time-Saving

Having a flashlight on standby can come in handy and save a police officer some more time, especially when on security patrol duty. Any mishap could have been avoided in a couple of minutes if this essential tool is readily available.

2.   Effective Self-defense Tool

Streamlight tactical flashlights can serve the purpose of self-defense in several ways. It can spot danger ahead and help in case of emergencies at night.

3.   For Easy Identification of Threat

The bright light of a Streamlight police flashlight aids easy identification of danger and lurking threats. The long-distance coverage also enables quick identification.

4.   Temporarily Destabilizes Attackers

The rays from the Streamlight flashlight optically disorient an attacker, thereby stalling time to get to safety or even capture the culprit. Shining the flashlight directly into an assailant’s eye throws them off guard, and disrupts their aim and focus.

5.   Use in Place of a Weapon

A Streamlight police flashlight can be an effective weapon for police officers, as most are designed with a toothed bezel. This sharp edge can be used as a defense if there is an unexpected attack and is also used to break windows during an emergency.

6.   Increases Illumination

The major use of a flashlight is to improve vision through increased illumination. Unlike the common ones, Streamlight flashlights are exceptionally bright. The light output of the regular flashlight is around 25 to 100 lumen, while the tactical flashlight is 100 to 2000 lumen.

7.   For Signaling for Help

Streamlight tactical flashlights are one of the best tools to transmit signals when calling out to rescuers. This is more effective when using the strobe light function.

Acquiring the Perfect Streamlight Police Flashlight on Duty

Before purchasing a Streamlight police flashlight, it is important to consider personal style and functional use that suits a particular purpose. Tactical flashlights come in variations, each of which has its specific use and qualities.

●    Handheld Everyday Carry Tactical Flashlight

EDC (Everyday Carry) flashlights are perfect for a law enforcement officer looking to experience convenience and compatibility on the job. This type of Streamlight flashlight is lightweight, brighter, and with improved battery life. The variations of EDC include penlights and keychain lights.

●    Full-length Tactical Flashlight

These are the standard, multipurpose full-size police flashlights. Their length varies from 8 inches to 12 inches or even more. They are very bright and awesome for long-distance views. This type of Streamlight flashlight comes in handy during self-defense.

●    Purpose-specific Tactical Flashlights

Specialized flashlights are designed to serve certain needs. The types of specialized tactical lights are:-

–       Spotlight

Spotlights are mostly used by law enforcement officers when going after a suspect. They also possess sharp rays that are perfect for firefighters through thick smoke.

–       Weapon-mount

These are used on pistols, handguns, and riffles. Weapon-mounted lights enable efficient use of ammunition even in the dark.

–       Headlight

The headlight gives focused illumination when the hands are occupied. It is attached to an elastic band and fitted around the head.

–       Lantern

Lanterns are also purpose-specific, as they provide lighting in a relatively large area. They increase general visibility by emitting light in all areas.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Streamlight Flashlight

Here are 5 important factors to consider before you buy a Streamlight flashlight;

  • The Size: Typically, a Streamlight tactical flashlight should fit perfectly into small pouches. It should be around the same size as the palm for easy mobility and use.
  • Light Output: A good Streamlight tactical flashlight should produce at least 100-120 lumen of light output. This produces a significant amount of brightness required for self-defense.
  • Water Resistance: It should be water and weather-proof. Emergencies might occur anywhere, hence one should purchase a Streamlight flashlight that works even in water.
  • Material Composition: Service calls are most times not a bed of roses. Falls and blows can happen anytime, therefore the tactical flashlight should be sturdy enough to withstand all.
  • LED Light Bulbs: LED bulbs are brighter and more durable in terms of battery longevity.


Tactical flashlights are specifically designed for use by military and law enforcement agencies. Other than the regular gadgets, a small Streamlight flashlight is one of the most essential gear a police officer should have in his everyday carry kit.

A Streamlight police flashlight can pose a lot of benefits and can be a lifesaver at one point or the other. They are time-saving and efficient, making it essential in any law enforcement uniform.

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