Important Points in a Credentials Evaluation Service

Credentials Evaluation Service

The United States is one of the world’s top choices for education and living. This is mainly because of the world-class universities it holds. For this reason, many foreign nationals aim to pursue their higher education in the country or apply for immigration.

You will need to provide a credentials evaluation service professional report in both cases. This necessary document will reflect your academic achievements in your home country. As a result, this will help you secure admissions at universities or gain certifications.

A trusted, professional, and well-known entity must generate the credentials report. However, before you look for the right service provider, it is essential that you carry out your own research on this report first. This guide will cover all the important points of this CES report. 

What is the CES Report?

When you apply to an American university or for immigration to the United States, you will be asked to submit a CES report. The credentials evaluation service professional report contains a summary of your educational and professional achievements and credentials. This is to compare your non-US credentials to the US credentials. 

It contains all the information regarding the colleges and schools you attended, grades you obtained, and dates of attendance. This information is then presented in this report according to US standards.

Why Do You Need It For College Admissions?

Depending on the college, you have to submit various documents at the time of submission. One such document is the credentials evaluation report. It is necessary to submit this report as it tells universities and colleges about your academic achievements in your home country.

For example, a high school degree is called something else and has a different metric of assessment in other countries. For this reason, the CES report can be used to see how you match up in terms of the degree. The report can thus be used to aid in your admission.

Types of Credential Evaluation Service Reports You Need

There usually are two main types of credential evaluation service reports that you can get generated from private institutions. These include:

Foreign Degree Evaluation

This includes an essential evaluation of your educational documents to generate a US equivalency. It is also the standard document most people obtain when they apply for certification, employment, or immigration.

Transcript Evaluation

This is a more thorough document that provides more details on the courses, grades, credits, and GPA. This complete report is often obtained when an individual is applying to a college, transferring their credits to an American college, or when they are applying for an advanced course or licensing. This document is often required by universities.

How To Find The Right Service Provider? 

Many private institutions and companies generate a credentials evaluation service professional report when you pay them a fee. However, not all of them provide reliable reports or are recognized by universities. Therefore, you should find a credible, legitimate, and top-notch company that can offer you the report in a timely manner.

You should make specific considerations when choosing the most suitable service provider. The most important is whether the company is affiliated with other organizations. If they are, this will reflect their legitimacy and quality of work. 

For example, you should check if the company is a NACES member. This would mean they are affiliated with and accredited by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES Member). As a result, they have undergone strict yearly rectification and scrutiny. They would also be required to follow a code of ethics, which will point to their reliability.

You should look at the report formats, and the time they take to generate the report. If you are applying to a university, you likely have certain requirements regarding the type of report they need. Moreover, you would also be in a time crunch since you have to submit the report before the deadline. For these reasons, you should ensure that the company follows the format and can deliver it on time. 

Get Your Credential Evaluation Service Professional Report From ERES

When applying to a university, you must ensure that you have all of the required documents. The most important of these documents is your CES report. Considering that it takes up to four weeks for this report to be produced by these institutions, you should get the process started early.

If you are looking for a reliable, top-quality, and authentic company to provide you with this service, look no further than ERES. We provide these reports in a fast and affordable manner.

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