Do You Follow A Bedtime Routine Or A Ritual For Your Little Ones

Bedtime Routine for baby

What do you do when you see your baby wailing at the top of his voice during the bedtime routine? As soon as you take the baby to the bedroom, it reacts back with a weaning siren as a sign to avoid a bath, teeth brushing, pajamas, and the normal bedtime routine. Combining your baby’s hair with a kid’s hairbrush is an essential part of the bedtime routine. 

In all the crying, weaning, and wailing, how will you get a peaceful bedtime back? 

Most often, in sitcoms, you might have seen parents putting their baby to sleep around 1000s of times. From singing a lullaby to the bedtime kiss, do you think it’s enough? 

You need to understand that behind all those sobs, the baby is trying to tell you something. 

For parents, it’s quite exhausting, putting the child to sleep more than once.  When your baby is young, you might have to do it more than once, maybe, even more than that. You can’t even count the number of times.

So, what should you do? Is there a magical formula for a better bedtime. 

To be precise, NO! 

All you need to do is follow a flourishing bedtime routine for your kids. 

Let’s Understand Why? 

Children between the age group of 5-12 years require 10-11 hours of sleep. As a matter of fact, babies and toddlers must sleep for at least 12 hours. According to the scientists, while we are sleeping, the brain starts the sorting process and stores the information, solves problems and replaces all the chemicals.

Sleep benefits you beyond your wildest dreams. It helps in boosting up your immune system and also helps in the better growth of young children. 

And for better sleep, it’s quite essential to be consistent in bedtime! 

You’d be happy as a clam to know that babies who follow a successful bedtime routine are known for their exceptionally good behaviour. 

Let’s Check Out ‘The Routines’

  • It might sound like a ‘no-brainer’, but, the screen time should culminate half an hour before the routine starts. This is because the light emitted from these digital devices signals the awake time to the brain. Get your baby away from all the lights for an efficient bedtime sleep. 
  • Bathing before bedtime is another relaxing routine activity that you can follow for your baby. Your baby will feel like a kid in the candy store with this peaceful routine. Once you’re done with the bathing, a peaceful slumber awaits your baby. Get a baby hairbrush set to comb your baby’s hair because it’s important. 
  • Putting on the night suit or the pajamas! This might sound absurd, but trust me, there’s something about the soft and cozy stretchy cotton pajamas that give your baby a signal that its bedtime. The brain always associates these adorable pajamas with sleep. 

Let’s Check Out ‘The Rituals’

You and your babies are not robots! Even after following a routine, there are some movements followed just prior to bedtime. 

Bedtime Rituals make the parent-kid relationship stronger! 

After the kids are tucked into the beds, there’s a meaningful time spent in bed. For some families, it’s praying, for some, it’s meditation just before sleep, while for some it’s neither of them. Most of the parents have conversations with their toddlers or play with their babies and sometimes, even sing a lullaby to hush the baby to sleep. Some parents even follow a consistent ritual of snuggling with their babies and reading a bedtime story. 

The way you wrap around your baby is a heavenly feeling for them. It makes them feel safe. 

To Summarize – 

  • Follow a bedtime routine for your baby, but don’t be too harsh. 
  • Be gentle with your kid.
  • Purchase soft cotton pajamas as nightwear. 
  • Sing a lullaby. 
  • Read a book. 
  • A hot water bath soothes the baby. 
  • Comb your baby’s hair with a toddler hairbrush
  • Don’t be too hard with the routines and rituals. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on ‘how you put your little ones to sleep’

Till then, Wishing your baby a peaceful sleep!

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