Effects of Mobile Phones on Kids’ Mental Health

Kids’ Mental Health

Everyone looks for the phone after waking up. We cannot deny how much we depend on digital devices for our daily life tasks but the negative effects of screen usage in kids are also at their peak. A survey shows that most of the kids prefer mobile games rather than going outside. The use of digital devices has made them couch potatoes.

It is the parents’ duty to set the time and limit what type of content they can watch and how much time they should spend on their phones. Child specialists describe that excessive use of mobile phones results in mental health issues in kids, and it increases the obesity issue risk in them as well.

A child specialist in Islamabad has revealed the fact that kids have developed obesity issues that cause high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, and bad cholesterol levels.

Here are some effects of the digital device uses in children:

  • Sleep disruption
  • Tumors
  • Low brain activity
  • Access to inappropriate content
  • Medical problems
  • Late talking habit
  • Mental health issues
  • Low academic performance
  • Psychiatric diseases

Parents just need to check their kids if they have developed a tech addiction or not. The inappropriate and excessive use of social media can bring many harmful effects.

Following signs can help you detect tech addiction in kids. 

  • Always being stubborn to use digital devices.
  • Avoid playing outdoor activities.
  • Social withdrawal and avoid communication with people around them.
  • Temper tantrums when parents deny providing the mobile phone.
  • Low academic performance
  • Less talk

How To Prevent Screen-Caused Mental Health Issues In Kids?

Mental health issues are increasing in children which can be prevented only if parents take important steps. Following steps can help your children grow in a safe environment.

  1. Discuss With Your Children

No matter if your child’s age is 3 or 5, you should tell your children on the very first day how much they should use the screens and engage them with outdoor activities. 

A report revealed that children who start using a mobile phone at an early age are more prone to mental and physical health issues. 

Parents must communicate with them that they should go for other physical activities rather than using mobile phones all the time. If your child is big enough to understand the reasons, share with them the potential dangers and side effects of mobile usage.

  1. Set the Time Limit

From the very first day, parents need to set some rules for their children. Every kid is attracted to digital devices these days but you can manage their digital activities. Default settings allow the parents to set the screen time. It will prevent mental health issues in your children.

  1. Check What They Search and Watch Online

Some disturbing online content can leave negative effects on your kids’ mental health. Experts believe that parents need to keep track of their children’s online activities. It is crucial as they can be involved in watching inappropriate content or can join an adult page. Many online games target underage kids. Such games can hit the mental health of your kids and lead to serious psychiatric problems.

  1. Observe Tech-Free Time with Kids

Your kids learn what you show them. If parents use mobile phones all the time, kids will also go for screen usage. Arrange some physical activities with your kids and join them to increase the activity time. It will allow you to spend some quality time with the children and also prevent other issues, like obesity, mental health problems, etc.

  1. Listen to your Children 

Parents often ignore what their kids say to them as they consider their stories imaginary. Many online people target kids and share some disturbing content. Build a strong bond with your children and ask them to share their thoughts with you.

Final Thought 

Mental health issues in children are rising every year but parents need to manage their screens usage to minimize the potential health risks. If your kids have developed some mental health issues, visit the child specialist doctor for therapy.

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