Forget my husband spoiler

Forget my husband spoiler

Forget my husband is one of the famous novels released in the year 2019. It has become one of the top-ranking novels since its release. Are you looking for Forget my husband spoiler? Well, you have landed on the right page. Keep reading to know some spoilers from this top-rated novel. However, before going for the spoiler, you can get a summary of the story to relate it better.

Forget my husband summary

Princess Aristine possessed the Monarch’s Sight using which she could see present, past, and future. The emperor imprisoned her and married her off to a barbarian. The marriage was actually a compromise which was in reality a political union.

However, his husband was not that much barbaric as she had presumed to be. Nonetheless, he already had a lover so Aristine decides to make money on her own to live her life independently.  

Forget my husband spoiler

Here are some of the spoilers that can blow your mind and create an urge to read the book at the earliest.

Spoiler 1:

MC thinks that her husband loves some other woman which happens to be completely a wrong notion. ML was fascinated by his stepmother but he was not in love with her. However, MC is unaware of this fact and hence she decides to leave him to lead her own life.

Spoiler 2:

Diona makes several evil plans to ensure that the relationship between Aristine(MC) and Tarkan(ML) breaks at the earliest. So she reveals the past relationships of ML to MC.

Spoiler 3:

The stepmother is one of the main antagonists who get intimate with him to make her elder son the prince of the empire.

After, going through the forget my husband spoiler and summary, it becomes a must-read if you love this genre. So, order the book today to witness one of the top-rated novels of the time.

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