How do you store jewelry long-term?

store jewelry

Nothing is as painful as tarnished jewelry, especially when you have invested so much money to buy it. No wonder where you store your jewelry is very important to its longevity. 

However, one of the things that damages a piece of jewelry is when it comes in contact with lotion, perfumes, sweat, makeup, humidity, etc. Therefore, how you handle or store your jewelry will tell how long it will last. This is why knowing how to store your jewelry long-term is essential to prevent it from tarnishing. Read on!

Five Ways To Store Jewellery Long Term

There are so many ways to store jewelry, but some are harmful. Here are the important ways to store jewelry for a very long time to avoid tarnishing:

Separate Jewellery From Metal

This should be the very first step you have to take for your jewelry to last long. The question is, how can this be done?

Firstly, take details of all the jewelry you have. This goes a long way by preventing metals from tarnishing when it comes in contact with one another. Furthermore, it will help in separating all costume, silver, or gold jewelry from one side. Keep the jewelry away from metals like iron.

Clean and Dry Jewellery Before Keeping Them

Before keeping your jewelry after use, you must keep them clean and dry. This helps prevent it from tarnishing when it comes to contact with perfumes, makeup, body lotions, etc.

Storing your jewelry for a long time without cleaning causes excessive and premature tarnishing. It is also good to remove damaged jewelry from good ones so it doesn’t spoil the good ones.

Store In Good Jewellery Boxes

You can buy a good jewelry box that doesn’t allow air to get in the box. When the air gets in the box, it causes the jewelry to get damaged too quickly.

This will ensure your jewelry is safe in a cool, dry place. To prevent moisture, invest in a good jewelry box. Also, the jewelry box doesn’t have to be expensive to store your precious items. 

Store Boxes With Chalk Or Silica Gel

Silica gel or chalk helps to absorb moisture that gets into your jewelry box, especially the one that is not airtight. It helps to keep the box dry and cool.

So if you need to keep your jewelry from tarnishing, you can get chalk or silica gel. This helps prevent the jewelry from tarnishing in the jewelry box. Assuming you want to get jewelry as a gift, make sure you buy a high-quality jewelry surprise box. Remember, the person receiving the gift may not have the time to buy a box to store the jewelry. 

Avoid Using Display Racks

Display Racks may not seem bad as it looks, but it exposes your jewelry to humidity or outside air. You don’t want your jewelry to tarnish quickly. Once your jewelry is kept on the display racks, they tarnish faster. So you shouldn’t use it.


It is never too late to preserve your jewelry from tarnishing. Follow the instructions above. Remember, tarnishing can ruin beautiful jewelry. So learn to store your jewelry well. Besides, you can contact a jeweler to help revive your damaged jewelry. Furthermore, a good jeweler will tell you if it can be restored to its former state.

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