How Long Should Your Podcast Episodes Be?

Podcast Episodes

If you are going to have a podcast, you are going to have to do some homework. There is no one definition of a podcast, and people can even edit episodes together to make a coherent show, so feel free to ask how long should a podcast be.

That said, there are some fairly established expected norms or best practices. We are going to talk about one below. Specifically, we are going to talk about the expected norms and standards with respect to episode length and its impact on people listening.

Let’s get into it.

Determining Optimal Length for Maximum Engagement

The optimal length for a podcast episode is highly dependent on the podcast’s focus and the content structure itself. Most experts agree that the sweet spot for podcast episodes lies somewhere between 25 to 45 minutes, but if you are producing structured interviews or a longer narrative, episodes can run up to an hour or two.

Breaking up long content into multiple smaller episodes is a great way to ensure better viewer engagement which can be impacted by long pauses and drawn-out conversations.

Timing is key when it comes to podcast episodes, as length will ultimately determine the attention span and engagement of your audience. Give how long a podcast should be just enough time to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Crafting a Consistent Episode Length for Listeners

Podcasts have become increasingly popular podcast length over the last few years, requiring hosts to constantly consider how long their episodes should be. While there is no golden rule for determining the episode length, it’s important to craft a consistent episode length for listeners.

Doing so ensures that you provide uniformity and clarity when it comes to scheduling the release a podcast. A podcast episode should be long enough to provide listeners with enough content to engage and keep their attention but short enough to keep people’s attention and not overload them with information.

Ensuring that your episodes range somewhere between 20 minutes and an hour+ usually provides the right balance and opens the door for people to come back every time. Ideally, build a content platform that reflects the particular nature of your show while also remaining conscious of your listeners.

Factors Impacting the Length of Podcast Episodes

Factors such as the type of podcast, production quality, and audience all play a role in determining the ideal podcast length. Read more of them below:

Time Available to the Podcast Host and Production Team

When it comes to podcasting, the time available to the podcast host and production team has a great effect on the length of their podcast episodes. Generally speaking, it’s recommended to keep episodes to 45-60 minutes in length so as to keep podcast users engaged.

However, depending on time constraints, a 30-minute episode may also be feasible. Hire a podcast virtual assistant to help you edit cuts and transitions between different sections. This way, the episode length is manageable and engaging.

Topic and Journey the Podcast Episode Is Taking

Creating a podcast and determining the length of your episode is dependent on the topic and journey the podcast episode is taking. A podcast episode can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 120 minutes which gives you many options to experiment with.

If the podcast episode is a one-on-one conversation then the length can be anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour. If you are covering a comprehensive topic, then you may want the episode to be longer, especially when exploring complex topics. 

Type of Content Being Shared

The length of your podcast episodes will vary depending on the type of content being shared. Podcasts discussing current topics should generally contain episode lengths under 30 minutes, as shorter episodes are more likely to capture and retain the listeners’ attention.

On-the-go listeners who do not have a lot of time to listen may typically prefer shorter episodes. Here, podcasts of 45 minutes or even up to an hour can accommodate more complex conversations while also providing enough time to allow the guests to fully explore topics. 

Pros and Cons of Longer vs Shorter Podcasts

Podcasts have no strict guidelines on length; they can range from a few minutes to several hours. The biggest factor to consider when deciding how long your podcast episodes should be is the topic and the desired audience response.

On the one hand, short podcasts of 12 minutes or less may be easier and quicker to produce but leave no room for adding layers or depth to topics. On the other hand, longer podcasts that are over 20 minutes often don’t have enough content to justify the length. 

Finding the Balance Between Brevity and In-Depth Discussion

Finding the right balance between brevity and in-depth discussion when it comes to podcast episodes can be a challenge. You want to draw in listeners and keep them engaged, but a too-short episode can leave them feeling unfulfilled.

On the other hand, keeping episodes too long can be off-putting or intimidating. As a general guideline, podcast episodes should be between 10-20 minutes in length, with the majority in the 15-20 minute range to accommodate the topics discussed. 

Learn How Long Should a Podcast Be

The ideal run-time on how long should a podcast be may vary depending on what you aim to achieve, but typically, an episode should not exceed 40-60 minutes for optimal listener engagement. So if you’re looking to increase your podcast engagement, consider cutting it down to this shorter length. 

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