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iTop PDF Editor

iTop PDF is not merely a basic text converter. It is a compact pdf editing tool for a pro editor to add new text to existing pdf documents. Extract images from the pdf files for extensive scanning and analysis. Later, redo the same process to edit the content by inserting the edited portion into the previous pdf file for publication. Here, iTop PDF is not a simple editor but it converts the pdf documents into simple MS Word format. you can do further changes by converting the MS file into Excel, ppt, or image text. 

What Are the Benefits of Using iTop PDF Editor?

The non-editing content is not suitable for publication. Pro editors should be meticulous to do content checking to detect faults. Besides, you may require the insertion of annotations or text with images to upgrade the particular pdf content. Add links to the existing paras. Remove the superfluous sentences or annotations from the concluding part of the content. With itop pdf editor, you can do a wide range of instant modifications, additions, and deletions of words to make your content presentable. This online PDF Editor is an automated tool for you to correct all the errors on the spot. 

Easy to Use 

It is a very simple method for you to operate this itop pdf editor. It gives you a hassle-free content management option with the usage of UI and Microsoft Office ribbon-style system. This particular editor online assists people to post comments with links on the same web page of the pdf file. Even you create new snapshots for insertion in the middle of the content without deleting all details. 

Customize Your Scanned Signature for Inclusion in PDF Content 

Often, the whole application letter is subject to rejection due to the absence of the owner’s signature. The applicant needs to put his signature just below the letter. In that case, you do not need to rewrite the content once again. Put your hand-written signature on the piece of paper and then scan it. With itop pdf editor, share the scanned signature with the main application letter. It will place the scanned signature in the right section under the signature line. 

Protect PDF Files 

Itop pdf editor is protective of all original pdf documents. There is no way to damage the quality of the text. The auto corrections happen fluently. It will show you the results of content editing. You will track the portions for editing. Besides, the encrypted password does not allow a third party to edit the text or convert the files into other formats. 

Flexibility in PDF Reading 

Incomplete content reading leads to a debacle or failure. You will have to go through the content for corrections. With itop pdf, you will get a preview of the whole content on display for proper checking. You can rotate the text at a 360-degree angle for comfortable reading. All the pdf documents and text in other formats are convertible into MS Word and Excel. Even you will get notifications about what to change or not for the sake of content improvement. 

Easy to Recognize PDF Format for Editing 

Different pdf forms need proper editing. When you start the corrections of the pdf forms, your pdf editor will help you identify the right format for content editing. With an optical character recognition system, the pdf editor chooses the right pdf forms for instant content/text editing. 

Do Proper Content Matching/Compressing for Fast Sharing 

The large pdf files are not transferrable to other devices for oversize. You need to compress the bundles of pdf files into micro-size documents for easy sharing. This advanced itop pdf editor is fast to select the better words matching the quoted lines in pdf documents. You can shift one paragraph from the last paragraph to the introduction or body section if necessary. This software for pdf editing does not fail to do content matching, migration, and text sharing. It is accurate to do the online pdf conversion into other formats as well without taking the assistance of experts. 

High-Quality PDF Content Editing 

The itop pdf editor is standard maintaining almost 100 percent quality to edit and convert the pdf documents into multiple formats. You can do font size corrections with this pdf editor. Even squeeze the big size title or heading into the compressed micro size keeping the proper alignment. There is no scope for overwriting and misspelling. 


For regular pdf text editing, you need a professional itop pdf editor. It works fast to give you an immediate content editing backup. It keeps your pdf files out of spam and hacking. For perfect pdf conversion and editing, you should use this masterpiece itop pdf editor. 

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