Latest influencer marketing trends in the fashion and lifestyle industry

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The fashion and lifestyle industries are run largely by prevailing trends. The consumers of fashion and lifestyle products want to remain up-to-date about the new trends and look forward to adopting a new style even before everybody does. In short, the focus is always on becoming a trend-setter rather than a trend follower. That is why; the consumers of fashion and lifestyle industry products are the avid followers of influencer marketers who stay in the scene actively and come with content that hits the psyche the best possible way. 

Thus, it is imperative for the brands to adopt the latest influencer marketing trends to give the competition a tough fight and maintain the top position. They need to have a clear idea of who they want to serve and what kind of content will touch the right chord of the prospective users. It can be done in a productive manner if the brands have kept their research and data analysis game spot on. Listed here are some of the influencer marketing trends that you must follow to remain amongst the most followed brands.

Choosing only the influencer marketers who voice your brand personality the best

There are research tools available to know if the brand’s specifics are matching with the features of the services offered by the influencer marketers. If this match is made correctly, the road ahead becomes easy to follow. With the help of an influencer marketing campaign that appoints the brand-relevant marketer, you get the platform that publishes your brand values the most relevant way.

Choosing the correct social media platform

When you find the top fashion influencers, you have to keep in mind your audience and the social media platforms where they hang out the most. Fashion and lifestyle are the two niches that have products having a very wide budget range. A dress can be a couple of dollars, and with good quality material developed under an established label, it can be priced at a very high range as well. Thus, the social media platform that caters to the people looking for affordable solutions will be a waste of effort for marketing the high-end products. Thus, filtering the social media platforms and the influencer marketer options most critically has proved to be the most promising trend to follow.

Keeping a close eye on the competitor moves

The fashion and lifestyle industry are the sectors that witness a cut-throat competition. With improved and more yielding selling models such as drop-shipping or direct selling from social media platforms, the industry incumbents need to keep their eyes more widely open than at any time before. The competition moves which may be directly affecting any brand’s reach can yield a huge gap in earnings, leaving you wondering what went wrong. So, making use of social media assessment tools like measuring shares, comments on competitors’ pages, views earned, etc. has shot up in recent times. These tools tell any brand how to improve its own content and make it fitter to the user expectation.

Making more relatable content that fits consumer lifestyle more closely

The audience has become more intelligent and wiser in their choices of clothes, makeup, hair, and overall lifestyle products. They know that living only to make an impression is not the best way. There has to be a kind of gelling of the real-life values and the brand’s offerings. So, influencer marketing is now following the trend of making content that fits their consumers’ lifestyles the best.

For example, using the top models’ and celebrities’ slice of life is going to work only for the niche audience. So, developing that kind of content is going to end in empty views as the people from other walks of life will not be gaining any materialistic or realistic value from this content. 

On the other hand, a content where a working woman has put on a facial mask and is doing work on a laptop; or a father trying to sort the curly hair of his daughter while explaining the products used will be having more impact on the people having personalities found next door. Thus, the whole idea of fitting the products well in the lives of the consumers has taken the center stage as per the latest influencer marketing trends.

More focus on budget-friendly micro-influencers

It is learned through various surveys that the micro-influencers are leading the roost with their relatable voice and content style. These are the people who are not belonging to high-profile communities but are coming from middle or upper-middle-class sections. They have a high fan following and every post of theirs earns 10k followers and more. Thus, the lifestyle and fashion industry are switching their attention to these people with fairly sized audiences. The idea is to play slow and safe instead of throwing the money away mindlessly on celebrity-centered pricey campaigns. 

Above are some of the interesting trends that have been observed and put in use by the industry leaders in present times. So, take a clue and design your influencer marketing strategy accordingly.

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