How to Support Local Businesses: The Basics Explained

Local Businesses

Did you know that your money does a lot more good for your community when you shop small?

In fact, three times more money returns to the local economy when you shop locally instead of shopping at national chains.

Buying local businesses’ products and services is the best way to support them. However, you don’t always have to spend money to show your support.

Here’s how to support local businesses to help the hardworking members of your community. Read on to learn more!

Think Local First

Small, local businesses make up 44% of the U.S. economy. These types of companies are essential to the success of our thriving communities and local economies.

When you need a product, think about where you can get it in your local community instead of hopping on Amazon. Don’t rush off to Walmart for your weekly groceries. Check out your local grocery first to see if you can get the items you need there.

Look for family-owned, minority-owned, or women owned businesses to support locally. Even if you can only make 20 or 30 percent of your regular shopping locally, it will make a big difference in your community.

Spread the Word

Not only should you purchase locally, but you should also tell your friends and family about supporting small businesses. Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective method of advertising! Your local shop owners will appreciate it.

Tip Servers and Delivery Drivers

Service and hourly employees have had a difficult time in the last few years. Without the consistent flow of tips that they would normally get on a busy night, many employees found themselves low on income in 2020. As small businesses reopened, several struggled with staffing, putting further strain on these workers.

Tipping your server a few extra bucks may not seem like a big deal, but it’s one of the best ways you can support the local economy. You’ll be doing your part to ensure your favorite restaurants can keep their doors open for years to come.

Share Social Media Posts

Small business owners often rely on social media to bring in more business. Help them out by sharing their posts and showing your small business support! A collective effort can lead to small business success.

Attend Local Events

Small businesses spend a lot of time and money putting together events for the community. Show your support by attending these local events.

Events like fundraisers, community concerts, and street fairs give you the chance to meet local vendors and discover more about the business owners in your area. There are also book readings and workshops at local book stores, and local coffee shops often have open-mic nights.

Now You Know How to Support Local Businesses

Now that you know how to support local businesses, get out there and get active! Your community will thrive with great local support, and it starts with you.

If you’re interested in learning more about small businesses and successful companies, check out the rest of our blog!

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