Motorhome Holidays – The Best Way to See Australia

Motorhome Holidays

Whether you are a temporary visitor or an Australian citizen, the best way to experience the wonders of the Land Down Under is with a motorhome. With your luxurious accommodation blended with your transportation, you and your family can set off to explore, knowing that you are self-sufficient. The large number of motorhomes and campervans seen on Australian roads is a reflection of the RV’s popularity in this huge nation.

Investing in a motorhome

If you live in Australia, there’s nothing to stop you from investing in your own motorhome; we recommend renting for a while until you have a clear idea of what you need from a motorhome. Once you have a few trips under your belt, you can look at second-hand motorhomes and campervans, with a view to making an investment.

Large units sleep 6 people

Even large families can holiday in a motorhome, with Class A units that can comfortably sleep up to 6 people (some can manage 8), thanks to drop-down beds and sofas that transform into sleeping platforms. All you have to do is search online for campsites and plan your days around that; explore Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains in NSW, where there are many great sites that provide all utilities, plus a whole host of amenities.

Add-ons & accessories

There are some great online stores where you can find everything from electrical distribution boxes to electric awnings and so much more! Ask any seasoned motorhome owner and they will confirm that their ‘rig’ is a work in progress. The online RV accessories store is definitely the place to shop, with brands such as Aussie Traveller, Samsung, Coast to Coast and Roadmaster, all at affordable prices.

One-stop holiday solution

Search with Google for a leading Australian RV rental company that would have depots all over the country and browse the various makes and models on offer. If you have a regular driving license, get an IDP (International Driving Permit) prior to arriving in Australia and you can legally drive the vehicle. Their helpful staff can answer any questions you might have and once your dates are confirmed, a secure online payment reserves the unit for your dates. If ever you decide to take a singles holiday, here are a few pampering tips.

Explore the coastal roads

You can travel from Sydney and head eastward, eventually reaching Melbourne and Brisbane; there are many local attractions in NSW, such as the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley. The rental company sends you a special pack that contains all the information you need for your preparation, including what to pack and what is provided in the motorhome. Because Aussies love mobile holidays, there is no shortage of campsites, regardless of which part of the country you are traveling in.

Aside from motorhomes, Australians love caravans and campervans (small motorhomes), indeed, some people build their own, and why not?

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