Must-Have Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Kitchen Equipment

Are you preparing to open your kitchen?

The most important part of any restaurant opening is having the right kitchen equipment. While having all the latest gadgets looks great for the customer, it’s essential that you focus on what works best in your kitchen.

Keep these points in mind before stocking your kitchen.


A central and integral piece of kitchen equipment for any restaurant is the oven. It provides the crucial foundation for baking, roasting, toasting, and cooking various dishes.

Ovens come in various sizes, prices, and fuel types, allowing you to choose the perfect oven for your restaurant. Professional convection ovens are the most popular option in restaurant cooking and are ideal for creating high-quality meals.

Convection ovens use a fan to circulate air evenly throughout the oven, which helps produce consistently cooked meals. Alternatively, deck ovens take longer with preheating times, but they also provide reliable results with moist and tender results.

Pizza ovens are also available for restaurants specializing in pizza and other flatbread dishes. Whichever oven you choose, make sure to invest in quality that meets the needs of your restaurant. The reliability of your oven helps shape the quality of your meals, so make sure you are making the best possible investment for your restaurant.


The range is a must-have kitchen equipment for restaurants. It is equipment primarily used for cooking, particularly for large-scale production. It is typically comprised of an oven, multiple cookers, broilers, griddles, charbroilers, and/or rotisserie.

A range has multiple burners for direct heat cooking and can accommodate multiple types of pans. It can also be equipped with one or two ovens that provide even heat for baking, roasting, or broiling.

It offers efficient and convenient cooking for restaurants and is an essential item of kitchen equipment for any commercial kitchen. They are available in sizes from small to large so that you can find the ideal size for your kitchen needs. With so many advantages, a range is a must-have kitchen equipment for any restaurant!

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Deep Fryer

When it comes to essential kitchen equipment for your restaurant, a deep fryer is a must-have. A deep fryer allows you to cook food quickly, reliably, and effortlessly. You can easily prepare a variety of fried foods, including French fries, chicken, fish, vegetables, and more.

The fryer’s temperature controls allow you to adjust the temperature according to the type and size of the food being fried. Deep fryers also come with a variety of safety features, such as thermocouple heat sensors, automatic shutoff, and breakaway cords.

This ensures that your kitchen is a safe place for all employees. The fryer also helps you to reduce oil consumption as it filters and recycles oil. This helps cut costs and ensures that you are staying environmentally friendly. If you want to provide your customers with delicious, fried foods, then a deep fryer is a must-have kitchen equipment for your restaurant.

Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is a must-have kitchen equipment for any restaurant. Cast iron skillets can be used over an open flame, electric coils, and induction to provide consistent heat. They are durable and reliable tools that can last generations when properly cared for.

Their thickness and length offer various uses, such as baking, sautéing, frying, and grilling. The skillet’s large surface area can hold a lot of food, making it the perfect choice for large-scale production.

The flat bottom is great for evenly distributing heat and creating that already delicious and unique flavor. With the proper seasoning, a cast iron skillet offers non-stick qualities that no other cookware can match. A cast iron skillet from Barebones Living is indispensable kitchen equipment for any restaurant.

Cutting Boards

A cutting board is a kitchen staple. Every restaurant should have several sizes of cutting boards available for use. Large boards should be used for larger items like whole chickens, and 12-15 inch boards should be used for items like whole fruits and vegetables.

Medium boards should be used for vegetables and other chopping needs. Small boards should be used for mincing small items like garlic, onions, and spices. It is important to have an ample supply of cutting boards because these are used to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

High-quality wood cutting boards should be made for durability, absorbency, and sanitation. Cleaning the boards between uses is essential for food safety and to prevent bacteria from spreading across the kitchen.

Food Processors

Food processors are essential for any restaurant kitchen. They reduce food preparation time, helping your kitchen to run more efficiently. With a food processor, you can easily blend, mix and process a variety of ingredients in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional chef’s knife.

A food processor can be used to quickly create a variety of sauces, dressings, and salads. It can help with chopping, mincing, and slicing fruits and vegetables evenly for consistent preparation across your dishes. You can also use food processors to make purees, smoothies, and other items such as dough.

The types of food processors vary from basic models to top-of-the-line machines with multiple speed settings, blades, and other features. Investing in the right food processors for your restaurant kitchen is a must if you want to remain competitive and deliver the highest quality food.

Salamander or Broiler

Every restaurant needs reliable and efficient restaurant equipment for preparing meals, and a salamander or broiler is essential. A salamander is a heated plate or oven mounted above a grill, while a broiler is an oven with direct heat that’s designed to quickly and evenly cook food.

Both are great for quickly grilling or browning meats, seafood, and vegetables, as well as melting cheese or crisping crusts. This is why professional kitchens find these fixtures invaluable. If a restaurant doesn’t already have a salamander and broiler, then it’s a must-have.

Not only do these tools make cooking more efficient, but they also add depth of flavor to dishes. Plus, they’re relatively easy to use and don’t take up much room in the commercial kitchen. Ultimately, salamander and broiler equipment are worth having in any restaurant’s kitchen.

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The selection of kitchen equipment is essential for the successful operation of a restaurant. Select the right kitchen equipment for your restaurant to increase efficiency, speed, and the overall guest experience.

Research the type of kitchen equipment necessary for your restaurant, and always do your due diligence. 

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