Top 5 Best Online Cartoon Sites To Watch Cartoon Shows

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Almost every one of us quite enjoys watching cartoon shows. It offers us some funny moments and to laugh as well. The cartoon shows are very favorite to all the little kids in the family. They can see the episodes of their favorite show anytime and anywhere as well. A lot of hours can simply pass by watching cartoon programs whether you are a little kid or not, one must enjoy the show very much.

However, most of the kids loved to watch cartoon shows on television very much. Today, there are lots of platforms that are available which offer us high-quality screening and numerous shows as well. Now a day, numerous sites are easily obtainable to watch cartoon shows. The sites to watch anime are free most of the cases. However, you will find many paid sites as well to watch cartoon shows.

If you are an anime lover then every day you watch your favorite cartoon shows whether on a mobile, laptop or on TV. Instead of the TV, you can simply watch cartoon programs on your laptop as well. There are multiple sites that are offering cartoon programs and lots of other features as well. The users can select any of the cartoons shows from those sites to watch it.

5 Best Online Cartoon Sites For You

Now here we are offering you all some of the best online cartoon sites where you can watch your most, wanted cartoon programs as well. Let us have a look at the list of cartoon sites shortly.

1. Crunchyroll

This site is one of the leading sites where you can watch cartoons free of cost. The site has lots of users who daily watch numerous cartoon shows. Even the platform is free and some features of this site are very much impressive as well. You can download the videos from 720p to 1080p as well. The interface of this site is very simple yet attractive as well. One will get 14 days of free trial on this site to watch cartoon shows.

2. Amazon Anime

If you are an anime lover then you will enjoy the site is as well. This is another popular anime site among all other sites. The has lots of old and new cartoon series on this site. Moreover, you can watch any of the cartoon series and can download them as well. The amazing picture quality of this site is the main attraction for all anime lovers.

3. Contv

This anime site is another one more popular sites in the anime world. This particular site offers its all users to see the classical and modern animations. You can watch all the original shows, comics, genre movies, and lots more. Hence, you can choose this platform to watch online cartoon shows for free. Even you can add videos to your wish list to water the videos at a later time as well.

4. 9anime

In today’s time, this site provides high-quality anime shows for all its users. There are lots of categories as well. The categories are comedy, drama, action, game, and lots more. One can search and get all the ongoing and upcoming anime shows. Moreover, the site offers the most popular videos as well to all the users.

5. Animedao

If you want to watch cartoons free then you can watch anime shows on this site as well. You can do bookmarks to all your favorite cartoon videos as well to watch them again in your free time. In English and in the Japanese language you can watch cartoon shows.


Therefore, here are some of the best and popular free online sites for you all where you can watch anime programs.

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