What is the Difference between Custom Cardboard Boxes and Corrugated Boxes?

Custom Cardboard Boxes – However, packaging came in different remarkable features and materials. Moreover, the adoption or selection of these options or features is totally up to the customer. The custom packaging boxes are available in various designs and sizes. The size remains the same for both types of packaging. However, both share some similarities and are different with some key differences. 

However, the packaging of the custom boxes wholesale with any of the material at the CustomBoxesZone is a matter of art and love. Therefore, we perform our tasks with dedication and determination for our reliable and worthy customers.


The packaging of the custom cardboard boxes is available in various materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly in textures as well as nature. However, the packaging boxes are available in four main types such as Kraft paper packaging, Cardboard paper packaging, Box-board packaging, and corrugated packaging. These types of packaging materials are perfect. Also, you will find them everywhere and for every type of packaging boxes. However, the manufacturing of custom boxes with corrugated material or cardboard material bears some key differences.

  1. Cardboard box manufacturing: The cardboard packaging material is single-layer hard, sturdy packaging. Cardboard is a reliable material for the packaging of the product. Moreover, the cardboard packaging material is made up of one layer of the packaging by the paper pulp. You must understand the packaging type before going for the one. 
  2. 2- Corrugated box manufacturing: Custom corrugated packaging is made up of several layers of the heavy material of sheets. The paper pulp sets accordingly and an airy e-flute is maintained between the two outer layers of the corrugated sheets. The manufacturing of the corrugated box takes more time as compared to the cardboard boxes. However, the features are more durable in the corrugated packaging as compared to the cardboard packaging boxes.


You can check hundreds and thousands of benefits of both types of packaging. The main thing to reckon is that these are abundantly available around you. Almost every product shares these two types of packaging. Despite the amazing factors available in both of these packaging’s still is more durable, and beneficial than others.

1- Cushion support: the custom packaging boxes made up of cardboard sheets are light in weight and holds the same type of products inside. Moreover, the corrugated boxes are multilayer boxes. Therefore, these types of boxes are giving cushion or resistance to the product. The product packaging gives extra support against the resistance in case of shocks or jerks and jolts. 

2- Perfect for hefty products: the hefty and bulky products such as perfume or other heavy products are perfect to store in corrugated boxes. These boxes give promising features to the product in terms of protection, safety, travel, and presentation.

3- Convenient for maintaining longer distances: corrugated boxes are feasible to store the product of export quality. Not only they will impress customers but also they will last a long-lasting impressive impression of your brand in the market.

4- Impressive impression: The profit generation is directly proportional to the good customer’s feedback about your product. A positive market impression of your product in the corrugated packaging or cardboard packaging box will help you secure the most secure position in the industry.


Wholesale corrugated packaging boxes are available in bulk quantities at special discounts and packages. The customization such as printing and designing is more supportive for the cardboard boxes as compared to the corrugated packaging. 

However, the styling and size are more diverse in the custom boxes as compare to the other ones. Hence, it’s proved that both are economical, favorable, and recyclable with their cost-efficient and pocket-friendly nature.

Also, we offer free design support and free shipping services for wholesale cardboard boxes and wholesale corrugated boxes. Along with that 24/7 active and vigilant customer care staff is resolving your queries and ambiguities with great care and free of cost.


CustomBoxesZone is one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy organizations for the packaging of custom packaging boxes in all kinds and materials. All kind of cardboard or corrugated packaging with all the customization of personalization is available at the CustomBoxesZone.

Book your order now at our website or approach us via our helpline for the confirmation and customization of your product packaging boxes.


The cardboard packaging box is a heavy sheet made up of paper pulp. It has to go through various stages of manufacturing while the corrugated boxes are economical and sturdy. A corrugated box is a multi-layer packaging box with a zigzag e-flute layer trapped inside two outer coverings.

Custom corrugated boxes with amazing and alluring features and qualities are winning the hearts of the customers. Moreover, it is leading the market with its unbeatable features and qualities. We offer custom boxes wholesale as well as retail at our website with amazing deals and offers for these boxes.

All types of customization in sizes from 8pt to 20pt or shapes either rectangular or triangular are available at the CustomBoxesZone. 

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