5 Custom Banner Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Custom Banner Design

How often do you think about banner ads? In a busy life, it’s not something we think about beyond seeing them when we’re browsing the internet.

You can harness this untapped area of influence by designing dynamic banner ads with micro-trust graphic templates. Once you create a banner ad, you could contribute to your company’s growth and increase your conversions!

Ready to become a banner ad design wiz? Here are some custom banner design mistakes to avoid.

1. Wrong Image

The ad’s message is likely to be lost or misinterpreted by using the wrong banner image quality. It is essential to select good-quality images relevant to the product or message and compelling.

Choosing an image that appeals to the target audience should also be top of mind when making the selection. Additionally, ensure the selected image is appropriate for the media in which it will appear, as the format and dimensions affect the banner’s look. 

2. Unreadable Text

The text size can be too small, or the font may need to be easier to read, which makes it difficult for the customer to read. The text needs to be large enough to be easily seen. Choose a banner template that is simple, clear, and easy to read. 

3. Competing Messages

It happens when multiple ideas or messages are in one design. For example, including a picture of a customer delighting in a product bundled with a sale announcement can confuse the customer.

It is essential to determine the banner’s direct message and then focus the design around it. Ensure the text and visuals tie in with the direct transmission, and don’t try to cram in too many ideas within a single design piece. 

4. Too Bright Color Scheme

Too many bright primary colors can be overwhelming and cause people to lose interest, detracting from the appeal quickly. To avoid this, consider using blending and shading with your colors so that they remain more muted. Try to limit the number of bright and saturated colors for banners and focus instead on earth tones and other softer hues. 

5. Too Many Fonts

It is a common mistake that can take away from the aesthetic of the banner and can clutter the design. It is essential to focus on two to three font variations and use them sparingly throughout the procedure. Make sure there is enough variation between each font to provide contrast and interest but not so much variation as to create a chaotic look.

Avoid These Custom Banner Design Mistakes Today

A custom banner design may seem simple at first sight, but it requires a lot of thought and planning to ensure that your banner stands out and effectively achieves its purpose. Avoiding custom banner design mistakes such as the wrong image, too bright color scheme, too many fonts, unreadable text, and competing messages is essential to creating a successful banner design. Get the perfect design today!

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