5 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Commercial Stair Lift

Commercial Stair Lift

With the world becoming more accessible to people living with disabilities, many changes are being put in place both at home and in public and business areas. Every business owner should consider installing a chair on stairs or stair chairs in their buildings to serve their unique clients. This is to accommodate these individuals and make getting around easier for them. 

Variables to Consider Before Buying a Stair Chair 

The following five factors should be considered before buying a stairlift as a business owner.

The Cost of the Stair Chair

Finding inexpensive yet reliable stairlifts is essential because, as a business owner, you certainly want to find ways to save money. You want to search for chairs on stairs that are not too invasive and are easy to maintain, as you take into consideration the number of people that would use the chair lift daily. 

The Type of Lift 

The type of stair chair you want to install is an essential factor to consider. A home-style stair lift would not work as effectively if you added it in a commercial setting. Chair lifts are classified into three types: those with straight rails, those with curved rails, and those with inclined platform lifts. Research to determine if they design their products with attention to detail and inventiveness. You can determine which is better for a commercial setting by looking at the various types and comparing them to the architecture of your building. 

The Needs of the Users 

People with different needs will access the chair on the stairs because it is open to the public. Please search for a heavy-duty stair lift. Heavy-duty options match the needs of the majority of users, irrespective of their size and height. This includes individuals who use wheelchairs with spinal problems and struggle to transfer from their chairs to the stairlift. It should also be suitable for individuals with difficulty walking up and down a staircase. To provide adaptive solutions to everyone who would use them, it is essential to consider the various needs.

Extra Features 

Additional valuable features are always a plus for any device that goes on a stair lift. You will do well to check for stairlifts with those characteristics that are better suited for the environment. For example, stair lifts with foldable backrests are more advisable if you want something less conspicuous. You can easily fold these stairlift when it is not in use and unfold them when you want to use it. 

Stairway Size and Length 

The design of your building determines if a curved or straight stairlift is ideal. A stair chair can fit into almost any stairway, but no two stairways are the same in dimensions. You want to consider whether your stairway is straight or curved, as most curved stairways need customization. If you have a curved stairway, meet the manufacturer and demand a fully customized option for your building. 


Finally, you want to consider the durability aspect of the lifts. Durability is easy to overlook when people get carried away with the design and technicality of the chairlift. To add a chair lift to a commercial space, you must pay attention to its durability and strength. The last thing you want is for someone to get injured on your property.

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