Container Seals and Their Uses in the Transport Industry

Container Seals

Sea transportation has made strides in transporting cargo in shipping containers across the globe. If you want to transport valuable cargo, the last thing you want is for someone to steal or damage it. To prevent this, consider using a container seal, which works as a lock for containers. Container seals for transport are special tags that lock the container doors that contain cargo for transit. Container seals are strong enough to withstand terrible weather and are built to be broken only once. 

How are Container Seals Used in Transport?

When transporting goods, especially by sea, securing the cargo is important. A lot of work is put into preventing damage and theft, so companies make it mandatory for people to use seals. Each seal comes with a unique ID number that makes the container trackable. Since it is a single-use product, you can tell when it has been broken. You can blame the cargo shipping company for this when it happens. 

There are factors to consider before choosing a seal. First, you have to consider the destination of the container. Also, you have to consider the requirements set by ISO 17712. ISO 17712 insists that a seal must be distinctive and inspectable to be valid. Below are some specific distinctions among container seals. 

  • A special ID number must mark each seal.
  • Each seal must be single-use.
  • The cutting strength should be at least three hundred forty kilograms.
  • The tensile strength should be at least one thousand kilograms. 

Types of Container Seals

Multiple factors influence the seal you choose for your container. These include the destination, type of products, and duration of the journey. It is better to make a deal with a company that makes custom seals depending on your product specification. According to its standards, ISO 17712 allows three types of seals, which include the following:

Plastic Seals 

Plastic seals are better for trips that don’t last long because they are not quite strong and can be broken easily. They can vary according to who manufactures them and come in different sizes. However, it is easy to tell if they have been tampered with during the trip. Plastic seals are more affordable than other options on the market. 

Bolt Seals 

Bolt seals tend to be more expensive than plastic options. They provide good security and are made from metal encased in plastic. Bolt seals can only be broken using a bolt cutter, so they are more secure than plastic seals and don’t break as easily. Bolt seals are also more expensive than plastic. 

Cable Seals 

As the name implies, this seal has cables. The cable seal is similar to the bolt seal in that it can only be broken using a cutter. These seals resist lousy weather much better than the other types, making them the most popular type of seal. Cable seals are more expensive than plastic seals but not as expensive as bolt seals. 


Security seals are an efficient way to protect your cargo from theft and tampering during long-term transportation. A broken seal is an indication that your container has been opened. Sometimes customs officers will open a container to go through its contents for security purposes. In these cases, a custom seal will replace the broken seal. When choosing a seal, ensure it complies with ISO 17713 requirements, no matter which type you use.

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