8 Tricks to Attract More Real Estate Buyers to Your Listing

Real Estate Buyers

Many economists were panicking about a “housing market crash” over the course of the last few quarters when in reality the US housing market only made a very stable -1% correction. This doesn’t, however, still favor buyers slightly, which is why you as an agent should have your toolkit ready to attract buyers.

There are many different things real estate buyers look for when considering a property. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to control the controllable factors and dress-up factors beyond your control so that they work in your favor anyway.

1. Build Good Client Relationships

Most of the items on this list are going to depend on you having a good relationship with your real estate clients. If you have all or most of these key factors woven into the relationship you have with your clients, it will make your job as an agent, property manager, salesperson, and community helper much smoother and more fulfilling.

Being on friendly terms with your valued customers allows you to know a little more about their lives. This can help you celebrate breakthroughs with them, empathize with some of their troubles, and help them if they’re in a bind. Not only does this make you more approachable and open to good solutions to problems, but it also makes you the first person they call when it’s time to buy.

This is the number one way you get rave reviews and referrals. The relationship, however, does depend on having to be accurate and quick with the admin. Prioritizing quick responses to calls and emails, processing payments, and filing paperwork promptly is the best way to maintain the trust you earn.

2. Turn Renters Into Real Estate Buyers

If you have a good relationship with valued renters, you’ll be able to spot signs that a household is on the verge of buying. It could be things like a baby on the way, someone doing well enough at work to be able to buy, or any questions about home purchases.

Once you start seeing these signs, start talking up the benefits of home ownership to prospective buyers. Given a few months, most of these kinds of renters will actively jump into the market where you will be ready to catch them.

3. Go Where the Clients Are

“Demographic Farming” is the practice of marketing real estate to a particular target audience rather than to a geographic grouping like a community. Let’s use first-time military and veteran buyers as an example.

Most of these individuals are looking for a safe neighborhood to build a family with reasonable prices and access to bases. Most of them hang out at the same bars, gyms, community centers, and shooting ranges. You can cater your advertising toward the type of properties these people would want and tailor your coverage to these particular hotspots.

This idea works with any regular real estate buying demographic. You should also be sure to be listed and well-rated on Zillow, which is where a lot of online home selling is happening in 2023.

4. Throw Parties

There are two kinds of parties you can throw to generate leads and more sales of properties. The first is sponsoring a housewarming party for the family that just bought a property from you. When their friends come to the party, some of them will be interested in also taking this step if they haven’t already.

Alternatively, you can host a party for prospective buyers of a property in that house itself (if that’s possible). Not only will this show off how the house can be lived in, but it may also start a bidding war between buyers and make you more money on the sale.

5. Stage Well

If you have a property for sale that “has potential” but no one is asking about it, you may want to look at how the photos are staged. Re-arranging the furniture and decorations to show off the property’s full potential can make the photos and videos of the property look far more attractive.

You don’t even have to do this yourself, you can hire an interior decorator to come and do the home staging for you. This will help generate leads from both in-person and online tours and viewings.

6. Be Invested in Your Community

Knowing the ins and outs of your community (local municipal representatives, schools, hospitals, etc.) is a must. If you’re always able to help your clients find their footing with this kind of information, you’ll become well-known as a community expert and helper. Being well-known in the community is a great way to get referrals from businesses and individuals alike. 

7. Use Digital Tours

These days you don’t have to settle for photos on your real estate website. Using professionally shot and edited videos of you performing a real estate showcase is an excellent, engaging way of getting people interested in your listing. Find more information here about a service that can put one of these together for your real estate listing.

8. Use Digital Marketing

Using digital media ties into the powerful use of digital marketing. Email campaigns, social media, and dedicated listing sites are some of the most popular tools for selling property in the modern era.

You’ll want to use digital marketing to promote yourself, your service, and your listed properties. Good online reviews, SEO blog posts, and social media are great for promoting your name and service.

Adding links to your specific listings is also important. You should do this on as many listing sites as you can. Zillow alone averaged 60 million views per month in 2022. 

Learn More About the Real Estate Business

The real estate market favors buyers at the moment, which means your clients are definitely out there, you just need to attract them. Building and nurturing relationships with your current clients is foundational to getting your name further out there. Turning ready renters into real estate buyers is part of this process.

You can also leverage online reviews, platforms, digital tours on your website, and demographic farming to increase both your reach and your “attractiveness” as an agent online.

These tips are only a small part of the sales and marketing in the real estate game. Learn about real estate accounting, investment, and other aspects by checking out the rest of our helpful blog.

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