Know List Of Affiliate Networks To Make Money With Influencers

Affiliate Networks

Both affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are considered two of the best marketing strategies for any business. Both powerful marketing strategies aim to reach out to their target audience and convert the leads into sales. So while you may wonder as an entrepreneur or business owner whether you need affiliate marketing or hire an influencer for marketing, the answer is involving influencers in your affiliate marketing. However, this article will look into how influences use the list of affiliate networks. And how you can engage an influencer for your affiliate marketing. 

How Influencers Are Using List Of Affiliate Networks 

How often have you wondered if stickers, swipe-ups, and other features like the links given on videos on Instagram stories are convenient for customers? But did you know that these features also help influencers make money from affiliate network marketing? 

So, anytime as a customer, when you make a purchase using those stickers, swipe ups, links, and other features like codes, the influencer on money from that post. These features are trackable tools for the influencer who has to post the content to get a commission from the sales. This is the new type of affiliate marketing that uses influencers. 

Many companies are now using influencers in their affiliate network marketing. Similarly, influencers are becoming more open to going through a list of affiliate networks and engaging in this marketing strategy to complement their earnings. Besides the revenues from the videos and the contents they create, and the sponsored posts, an affiliate network marketing strategy is one of the best ways to establish oneself as an influencer. 

It is also one of the ways to become micro-influencers or start as a nano influencer by creating content for affiliate businesses. The lucrative nature of affiliate networking and the money an influencer can make Is determined by factors like:

  • The industry for which they affiliate
  • Engagement rate of the influencer 
  • Size of followers the influencer has 
  • The platform where the marketing is done 
  • Rate of the commission received by the influencer

For instance, a financial influencer who works with a well-known investment app can earn up to $200,000 plus in eight months, as per the Business Insider report. On the other hand, according to the same report, a Skincare influencer can earn from affiliate links about $5,000 per month. 

Apart from directly promoting the brands on social media to earn from affiliate marketing, influencers now also engage in DMing their followers. With the links of the product that they affiliate for to increase the sales and earn a commission. 

Other platforms which were only into social media networking are now expanding to affiliate marketing space. One such platform is Instagram, where affiliate network influencers can post shoppable feeds and shop from their accounts to get the commissions directly. 

The List Of Affiliate Network For Influencers 

Now that Instagram has removed the criteria of the influencer. Or the user has to be verified or must have more than 10,000 followers to add the affiliate link to their posts. So as an influencer, you can quickly start with Instagram for your affiliate networking. 

Other top List of Influencer Affiliate Network Marketing for 2022 can are:

  • Refersion
  • Awin
  • CJ Affiliate
  • FlexOffers
  • ShareASale
  • Walmart Affiliates
  • Skim Links
  • 2Checkout
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten LinkShare

How To Engage Influencers For Affiliate Marketing? 

The first and foremost step in engaging and influencing so for affiliate marketing is to put your business on any of these affiliate network platforms mentioned above. The next step involves finding the right influencer for the affiliate marketing, and this can involve the following strategies: 

Your Business and Goals

As the business owner, it is your responsibility to define the partnership goals. First, try to look for an influencer. Who can get results and is willing to be paid when conversions are made. In most cases, nano and micro-influencers are the best bets for affiliate influencers. Because they agree to be paid when conversions are made. 

The Influencer’s Platform & Niche

The last thing you want to impress by a fake number of followers of an influencer. So while you are checking the numbers and the platforms where you want to promote your product, remember to check their engagement rate. The indicator you can use is the domain rating and the traffics they drive to their website with promotions. But none of these will matter if your influencer does not impact your target audience. Hence while checking all these, remember to see if they have their reach to your target audience. 

While these are two main criteria, there are many more ways to ensure that your influencer is the right fit as your affiliate. 

Final Words

Whether you are the business owner or influencer, the list of affiliate networks mentioned in this article can benefit both. As an influencer, contact us if you are looking for an affiliate program. We can also help business owners to reach the right influences for their affiliate marketing strategy. 

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