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Bearfoot Theory Outdoor Adventure For The Everyday Explorer

Bearfoot Theory Outdoor Adventure For The Everyday Explorer aims to bring you the joy of the best outdoor life by being one of the top outdoor blogs. Through their services, you will improve your outdoor abilities, find thrilling activities, build your connection to the environment, and make connections with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

Therefore, look out for their blog postings here in chronological order. With their assistance, you can do anything from planning a trip to getting the best equipment to pick up new outdoor skills.

They have faith in nature’s capacity for transformation. Gaining confidence, improving our health, and realizing our potential while on the trail enables us to become the best possible version of ourselves off the trail. By giving you all the motivation and guidance you require to be ready for your outdoor experiences, they are in it to support you on this trip.


Kristen Bor was a policy analyst for marine conservation in Washington, DC, in 2014. I understood that my current professional path did not fit with her desire to explore & spend more time outdoors. She came across several travel blogs that discussed travel writing as a job while conducting research for several trips she planned to do. She was quite intrigued by this since she had previously started a trip blog for amusement.

Who is it for?

This theory of Bearfoot Theory Outdoor Adventure For The Everyday Explorer can be for you if:

  • You want to spend more time outdoors having fun and experiencing life to the fullest.
  • You enjoy activities like hiking, camping, road trips, and living in the moment.
  • You think that when you leave your comfort zone, magic happens.
  • You like to research things and be ready for adventures.
  • You’re concerned about the planet’s future and work to travel with as little damage as possible.
  • You desire to be a part of a welcoming, like-minded group of outdoor lovers.

What is their mission?

Bearfoot Theory Outdoor Adventure For The Everyday Explorer goal is to motivate you to spend time outside and provide you with a solid base of outdoor knowledge so you are ready for wherever your adventures may lead you.

Visit their blog area if you want to discover everything about them in ascending order. To do this, simply click the top-right menu link, where the first choice is a blog. It makes no difference if you’re trying to acquire a new outdoor skill, seeking new equipment, or organizing a trip. All relevant information is available in that section.

Bearfoot theory website outline:

They have a very premium-looking website starting from their logo and menu. When you visit their website you will be greeted with Epic Adventures greetings, and you can have a clear idea of what they provide. You can join their community from join our community option. Then you choose your adventure and view reviews of gears and enter giveaways.

You can read about Bearfoot Theory in detail and read how it all started. Also, you can find the day it started and read about the founder of this blog. You find information related to their mission, ethics, team, and also some frequently asked questions.

However, their website is essentially a blogging website and you can read all the information related to destinations, activities, van life, outdoor gear, lifestyle,  what to do, and how their theory helps you reconnect with the environment.

You can contact them, start your journey and read testimonials. You can subscribe to their community and also write for them.

How can you start your journey?

Blog entries from Bearfoot Theory Outdoor Adventure For The Everyday Explorer are intended to inspire you to venture outside and gain confidence. They are there to assist you get started, even if you’re a beginner at hiking and camping, searching for guidance on gear, would like to educate about Leave No Trace, or are seeking just some beginner-friendly trip ideas.

You can look through their travel planning guide to get started on your adventure. You can choose to sign up for their weekly newsletter or download their planning guide, which provides sequential instructions. With the help of this manual, you can embark on your outdoor excursion more ethically and skillfully. This will encourage you to spend more time outside and assist you in preparing for your next journey.

How to start your van life journey?

In their free guide to camper vans you will learn to:

  • Select the ideal van for your needs.
  • Choose the crucial elements in your van conversion using inspiration for the design of your vehicle.
  • Get your van ready, then leave.
  • Earn income while residing in a van
  • Locate free campsites and make travel arrangements.
  • Being secure while residing in a van

What are their ethics?

We want to make absolutely sure you have the knowledge necessary to practice Leave No Effect principles because we feel that it is the duty of any and all outdoorsy types to learn and do so. Bearfoot Theory is a supportive environment for people from all backgrounds and experiences, particularly our BIPOC and LGBTIQ communities.

Who are their partners?

They proudly provide 1% of their annual income to organizations that aim to improve the globe, including Leave No Trace and 1% for the Planet.

Who founded the Bearfoot theory?

After quitting her position in environmental policy in Washington, DC, Kristen Bor founded Bearfoot Theory in 2014.

She moved back to the West, climbed the John Muir Trail, then founded Bearfoot Theory in an effort to encourage others to spend more time outside. And she was yearning to reconnect with nature. She lives and travels out of her 4X4 Sprinter Van for half of the year, while the other half she spends at her Salt Lake City house. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, the group Phish, their dog Charlie, and a plant-based diet.

What is their need?

Use their services if you want to spend more time outdoors and lead a happier, healthier, and more adventurous existence.

You’ll discover useful advice on how to become a more knowledgeable, practical, and responsible outdoor enthusiast, as well as numerous information and motivation for all your outdoor excursions.

It should be easy to go outside, but that’s simpler said than done. They are here to help you overcome any obstacles standing in your way of spending more time outside, whether they are dependent on the time, budget, skills, gear, or lack of adventure partners.

What is unique about them?

Each of us is a custodian of our world. They believe that maintaining the locations we visit is crucial if we want everyone to be able to enjoy them. Be a responsible traveler by learning about Leave No Trace, showing consideration for others, and also making every effort to have as little of an influence as possible.

This website does not try to sell you its services, in contrast to many others that provide the same kinds of adventures. Instead, they attempt to provide you with instructions on how to begin your outdoor adventure. Everything from hiking to backpacking to road vacations is covered. Neither sponsored content nor advertisements are present. This makes it a really distinctive website.

How can they help?

The mountains are for everyone, from novices to seasoned mountaineers. They have the advice to help you advance your outdoor skills, whether you’re attempting trekking for the very first time, climbing your maiden 14er, understanding how and where to navigate, or just going on a hike with friends.

Where do they take you for adventure?

Bearfoot Theory Outdoor Adventure For The Everyday Explorer have you covered for everything from National Parks to mountains, beaches, and deserts.

They can take you on road trips, Hot Springs excursions, ski vacations to national parks, biking, and day hikes. You may visit their “Explore by Adventure” section to learn more about these options.

What do they provide?

While quality equipment can be an initial expenditure, it should last you for many years and increase your enjoyment of the outdoors. You may find anything gear-related there, from their “Best of” equipment lists to affordable gear tips to packing lists for various outdoor trips.


Bearfoot Theory Outdoor Adventure For The Everyday Explorer mission to be one of the top outdoor blogs is to support you in living your best outside life. You’ll improve your outdoor abilities, come across exhilarating adventures, enhance your connection to the environment, and also get in touch with a supportive outdoor community through resources.

  • What is Bearfoot Theory?
  • It is a traveling and adventure blog where you can read and learn all about starting a new adventure from location to gear.

  • Who founded it?
  • Kristen Bor founded this blog in 2014 as a hobby, she was not a trekker from childhood but she found her job boring then and had no idea she earns a living by just writing a travel blog.

  • What do they do?
  • They provide you with information and guide you so that even when you are an experienced traveler you can learn something new. They help you pick out the best gear and prepare you for everything you will experience in an adventure.

  • What is unique about them?
  • The thing that makes them unique is they care for the environment and insist on having a minimum impact throughout their journeys.

  • Are their services worth it?
  • Their services look very satisfied with the testimonials their users have provided which you can check from their website.

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