4 Great Examples of a Simple Invoice Template

Simple Invoice Template

Did you know that in the United States over $3.1 trillion is tied up in B2B (business to business) accounts receivables on any given day? If you are making the switch to more effective invoicing to avoid the delay that comes with the old school paper invoice, we are here to share a few examples of what a simple invoice template looks like. 

Keep reading to get some ideas and get started with creating your invoices on your computer or laptop instead of writing them out and not having a paper trail.

1. The Classic Template

If you prefer to stick to classic black and white invoices then you want to check out this free invoice template. You can never go wrong with black and white templates because these are timeless no matter what type of business you are in. 

The great thing is you can easily edit the lines to fit your exact invoicing needs. One of the pros of creating your invoices on your computer is that if your client wants to print it on their end they can. 

2. Shipping Invoice

If you are in a business that offers shipping-based services then using a green shipping invoice template is appropriate. These templates usually include a row where you can keep track of the item you are invoicing for, the quantity, the price, and the total. 

You can also add any discounts and taxes at the bottom where the invoice will calculate the total. 

3. Clean Invoice Template

For illustrators, bloggers, artists, and designers, using a clean and modern invoice template will give your everyday operations a good vibe. These invoice templates tend to have one main color that is used throughout the invoice in darker and lighter hues. 

You can easily add your item description along with how much you are charging and the quantity. There is also a space to add your name or business name (if you do not use your full name) along with your title such as “food blogger” or “fashion blogger.”  

4. Elegant Invoice Template

There is no reason to not have an elegant invoice if that is your style. The elegant templates you will find out there will usually have some contrasting black and white with possibly a hint of color. You can add your logo and truly make an elegant invoice your own. 

Some elegant templates have the total invoice amount front and center to avoid any confusion on the total amount that is due. Elegant invoices can truly help elevate your brand in your client’s eyes.

Which Simple Invoice Template Will You Choose?

We hope that now that you learned about some top sample invoice templates you can now make an informed decision on which simple invoice template is best to represent your company. 

If our blog post came in handy please feel free to keep browsing the rest of this section for more business tips and tricks. 

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