High Paying Trade Jobs and How to Get Into Them

High Paying Trade Jobs

Getting into any trade can be a good idea if you want to be able to make a great living. Not only that, but many of the trade jobs offer fast-growing positions in the world of work. They’ll be in demand throughout the planet, and you’ll always be able to find a job.

But which trade should you get into if you want to make money? There are a range of different options out there, but some pay more than others.

Let’s take a look at high-paying trade jobs and how you can get into them. Read on!

1. Electrician

Electricians are one of the highest-paying trades to pursue. The most common way to get into this field is to register at a technical school or trade school and complete your apprenticeship program.

As far as qualifications go, most states require a high school diploma or equivalent. While some recommend two to four years of additional study of electrical theory. Once registered, apprentices are paired with experienced electricians. They are taught technical skills and lifelong safety practices.

Individuals must complete a rigorous apprenticeship program. It might also be technical training in a specific area of electrical work. This includes electrical contracting and industrial maintenance, and construction. The installation of residential and commercial electrical systems is also included.

These apprenticeships can last anywhere from three to five years. It depends on the jurisdiction and the complexity of the program. Upon completion, the apprentice can become a journeyman electrician and pursue higher-paying jobs.

Electricians obtain additional training or certifications related to their trade. This includes becoming an energy efficiency specialist and attending workshops and seminars.

This is to stay current with changing technology. Check out more on becoming an electrician information here. With the right training, knowledge, and skills, electricians can enjoy a secure and financially successful career.

2. Pipefitter

Pipefitting is a very high-paying trade job. It is an exciting field, as pipefitters take part in many different types of projects. This ranges from building high-rise office towers and structures to installing plumbing and piping systems in homes.

Pipefitting is a rewarding career, as it is highly needed in many industries and provides secure employment. To get into the pipefitting trade, it is important for individuals to receive proper training.

This includes hands-on training by experienced pipefitters. It also includes classroom work and online instruction in the technical aspects of the trade. Also, the associated codes and regulations are involved.

An apprenticeship in pipefitting is recommended to gain real-world experience. This helps to build valuable relationships with other industry professionals. Those pursuing pipefitting as a trade should also obtain an up-to-date certification test or card. This is because employers often require proof of the individual’s knowledge of safety and proper construction procedures.

3. Carpenter

High-pay trade jobs such as carpentry can be rewarding, both financially and professionally. Carpenters enjoy the ability to work with their hands while often having the opportunity to create and innovate.

To get into a high-paying trade job in carpentry, you will need to invest in training. This is to gain experience, gain certification, or licensing. This is also a way to prove yourself as a reliable, experienced carpenter.

Training can come from a trade or technical school, on-the-job experience, or a combination of the two. Additionally, a carpenter needs other important skills and excellent customer service. This is to demonstrate a superior level of knowledge and expertise to potential employers. Networking and staying up to date on the latest carpentry trends and tools can also increase the likelihood of success. 

Once you have the required training and skills, it’s best to look for a job as a carpentry apprentice. You can find one at a residential or commercial construction site. Get your foot in the door and demonstrate your ability and prove yourself to be a valuable asset.

With experience and hard work, you can find yourself receiving high-paying jobs and enjoying the great rewards of carpentry.

4. Mechanic

Mechanics are in high demand and offer one of the highest-paying trade jobs. Mechanics work on cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles to keep them in good working order. To get into a mechanic job, applicants should obtain formal training by attending a community college, technical school, or apprenticeship program.

They should have a good working knowledge of automobiles, tools, and mechanics in general. Employers also prefer those with experience in the automotive repair industry or another related field, such as welding or auto body service.

To stand out even more, mechanics should pursue certifications and be knowledgeable of the latest safety regulations and trends in the industry. With dedication and the right skills, mechanics can build great careers and enjoy the high salaries that this trade job offers.

5. Plumber

High-paying trade jobs such as plumbing offer a well-paid, satisfying career path for those with a passion for hands-on work. If you want to get into a high-paying trade job in plumbing, you’ll need to be willing to study and gain the necessary qualifications.

Plumbers typically hold a certificate or diploma from a trade school or community college which focuses on plumbing, and you may need a license depending on the area you plan on working in.

Experience or apprenticeship can help provide a competitive advantage, as can specialty certifications such as plumbing for clean water or medical gas systems.

A good place to start your search for a job is your local union or contractor association, as many employers offer apprenticeships and provide job referrals. Job postings and government websites can also be a helpful resource.

Despite the competitive job market, plumbing remains a reliable profession with plenty of potential for career and financial growth.

Get High Paying Trade Jobs Today

The demand for skilled trade jobs is high, and the job market is expected to grow. Investing in education, training, and certifications can open doors to high-paying positions. Take the first step today to explore the variety of trade jobs available to find out which could be a perfect fit for you.

There is a world of opportunity in high-paying trade jobs that are often worth more than related college degrees. With the right training, certification, and work experience, anyone can pursue these trades and earn a good living.

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