Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

Disney Vacation Club

Before the COVID lockdowns in 2020, Disney received over 78,000 visitors daily between its two parks in California. People come from far and wide to experience the parks’ magic, and some enjoy it so much that they visit multiple times a year.

If you fall into the latter group, then you’ll know just how much money these trips cost. And while you’re happy to spend it to get that fairytale joy, you wouldn’t mind saving some cash.

Well, one way to do it is through the Disney Vacation Club.

Is the Disney Vacation Club worth it though? Read on to find out.

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is Mickey Mouse’s version of a timeshare program. Now, you might’ve heard bad things about timeshares, so now you’re hesitant.

The thing is, Disney’s works differently, so it can definitely work out in your favor.

Basically, you buy Disney Vacation Club points at a Disney-owned property, which is your “home resort”. You then use those points throughout the year to stay at not only this resort, but others too. You’ll just be at a slight disadvantage to those who have chosen those particular resorts as their home ones.

Benefits of Disney Vacation Club

Now that you know what the Disney Vacation Club is, you’ll want to know the benefits of buying in. Here are the main advantages of getting DVC points.

You Might Save Money

Disney itself says that you can save up to 50% when compared to paying for regular room rates. However, you might want to take this with a pinch of salt.

For one, it’s “up to” 50%, not 50% flat. Also, you’ll need to be a Disney Vacation Club member for over six years before you see real savings.

You’ll Stay in Better Accommodations

Your money will be put to good use when you’re a Disney Vacation Club member. DVC properties are usually bigger and more luxurious, as they’re intended for longer stays.

This means you can fit in more people comfortably, and you’ll have things like full kitchens, living and dining areas, and washers and dryers.

You Can Use Points on Other Things

DVC points aren’t only for use on Disney resorts. You can spend them on cruises and other qualifying vacation options, which include non-Disney resorts!

This means you can travel around the world and spend your points while you’re at it.

You’ll Get Discounts and Perks

You’ll get some of your money back since Disney gives you discounts at their parks. For example, you’ll enjoy a small percentage off at their dining establishments. Or you’ll get some money off merchandise you bring home.

In addition, Disney will provide you with special perks that are exclusive to DVC points holders. For instance, you can get access to the Top of the World Lounge at the Contemporary Resort and the DVC Lounge in EPCOT. Or you can get in the parks earlier than everyone else and stay for longer too.

Disney will even hold special events that only DVC members can go to. This isn’t a guarantee though.

You Can Borrow Points From the Next Year

Have you gone on Disney vacations more than you expected in one year? Then not to worry!

You can borrow points from the next year so you don’t have to cancel your plans. 

You Can Also Bank Points

On the opposite spectrum, what if you’ve bought too many DVC points? The year’s almost up, and you haven’t used them all, so you’re concerned that you’ve wasted money.

The good news is, points can roll over to the next year. You can only bank points for one year though, so make sure you use them up on your second chance.

You Can Sell Your Points

There may come a time when you know you won’t use your points anymore. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw away money though.

Through third parties, you can sell your DVC points to recoup your losses. So if you give it a try, but find it’s not worth your time or money, you can pass those points on to someone who will appreciate them.

Important Things to Know

When you buy your initial Disney Vacation Club points, you need to purchase a minimum of 150. Considering that each point costs around $200, this is an upfront fee of around $30,000.

Plus, there are monthly dues you’ll have to keep paying, as long as you’re a DVC member. On top of that, there’s a document preparation fee and closing costs too.

If you find all this too expensive, then there are third-party resellers where you can get points for significantly cheaper. However, you won’t have as many benefits.

Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

After reading about all DVC benefits, you might think the answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. However, it depends on your vacation style.

If you’re a huge Disney fan, travel often, and are relatively young, then we’d say DVC is worth it. Not only will you get more use out of your points, but you’ll also have more time to take advantage of all the perks.

But if you feel lukewarm about Disney, travel occasionally, and are on the older side, then the Disney Vacation Club may not pay off. This is especially true if money is tight; there’s a large initial investment.

As we’ve said before though, you can always sell your DVC points. So it may not be a huge risk to give it a try.

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to weigh the pros and cons, and decide for yourself if joining the club is worth your time and money.

Join the Disney Vacation Club

So is the Disney Vacation Club worth it? After reading this article, you’ll know that the answer can differ from person to person.

So the smartest thing to do is to consider the benefits, think about how much you’ll realistically use your DVC points, and make a decision based on these things.

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