Law Of Reincarnation Raw: A Manhwa on Love and Birth Cycle

Law Of Reincarnation Raw

The Law of Reincarnation raw is a manhwa or a webtoon based on an intriguing story of love and reincarnation. Reincarnation refers to rebirth based on the notion that the body is degradable and decays after birth, but the soul is immortal. It is believed that after the death of a person, the soul is reborn or reincarnated as another person in a new life. This manhwa deals with the notion of recovering love through a rebirth as a different person.

A Quick Overview of Law of Reincarnation Raw

The Law of Reincarnation raw deals with the love story of the protagonists, Ha Jin Won and Yoo Jin Ah. Ha Jin Won fell in love with Yoo when the two were colleagues, but the affair never blossomed into a relationship. This manhwa deals with the romantic life of the two characters and the turns and twists that come into their lives. Ha attempts to undo his mistakes by changing the events of the past, in a desperate attempt to win back his lover. The manhwa is mysterious and interesting, making it perfect for manhwa lovers to binge on.

Law Of Reincarnation: Detailed Summary


Law of Reincarnation manhwa raw begins in the present time with the hero, Ha Jin Won head over heels in love with his coworker, Yoo Jin Ah. He fancies a relationship with her and cannot desist himself from pursuing her as a romantic partner. However, he lacks the courage to confess his feelings to her and continues to remain enchanted with the heroine.

Magical Travel Back to Time

Ha finds out that Yoo has a boyfriend whom she does not want to leave anytime soon. This knowledge embarrasses and hurts him deeply, leaving him heartbroken. However, Ha does not give up just at that. He has the magical power to go back into the past and alter events through his actions. He decides to travel back in time to rectify his mistakes and force Yoo to have a relationship with him instead.

Traveling back three years, Ha looks for the heroine and tracks her down. In the first year, they become very close as friends and have a blossoming and meaningful friendship. However, the heroine still was dating her boyfriend from the present time, who she did not want to part ways with. The timeline of the manhwa becomes confusing here, leaving the audience in perplexity about the events leading to the reincarnation of Ha’s soul.

In the past, Ha attempts to change many incidents, trying hard to ignite the romance between him and Yoo. These events are interesting, and often very sweet, keeping the audience glued to their seats. The manhwa takes a turn for more confusion and complications with the entry of the third central character, Kang Min-Joon.

Other Magical Contexts in the Story

A practitioner of the occult arts and in possession of many magical and voodoo powers, Kang Min-Joon begins to draw Ha towards herself. Just like him, she is also persistent. Enchanted by her magical prowess, Ha falls victim to her romantic charm and seduction. He remains in a perpetual state of hallucination, finding himself completely unable to leave her or getaway.

His perplexity grows with Ha finds himself in a difficult deadlock, from which there seems to be no possible escape. The situations keep getting more and more complicated, leaving Ha completely unable to calm down or discover himself again.


The personality of the hero becomes a major attraction for the audience. He is lovable, flirtatious, and prefers the thrill and excitement of adventure. Will he be able to free himself from the clutches of Kang? Will he manage to secure a romantic relationship with his beloved? To know the answers to these questions, you must stay glued to the series as it progresses through time.

Law Of Reincarnation: A New Genre

Law of Reincarnation raws belongs to a new genre of manhwas and webtoons. It is full of many romantic and sexual expressions and is full of direct and indirect erotic symbolisms. Here, the romantic relationship always entails secret love that is thrilling and adventurous. There is a love triangle between two lovers and a third person interested in the hero.

On encountering the attractive Yoo Jin Ah, Ha Jin Won is drawn to her. He is attracted to her charming personality as well as her attractive features. This new drawam series is popular among many fans who eagerly wait for the next episodes. The reason behind this popularity is the bold expression of desire and frequent erotic gestures.


Law of Reincarnation Raw is available to be read online by anyone who might be interested. If you would like to own a copy, you can also download the manhwa chapters as they are released from the website. This manhwa is immensely popular for its tightly packed narrative and thrilling nature. It has moments of adventure, euphoria, and excitement, making it perfect for all manhwa lovers.

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