My necromancer class novel – A detailed overview

My necromancer class novel

My necromancer class novel is one of the top-graded thriller novels. The trilogy consists of three parts, the fated monster, a born threat, and undead craft. The thriller is highly captivating and keeps the readers hooked till the end. The main protagonist of this book is Jay who discovers his true potential and with time sharpens them. Are looking forward to reading this book? Keep scrolling to get an insight about it.

Overview of my necromancer class novel

The story begins with Jay Hart who decides to change his profession, from being a butcher to becoming an adventurer. Nonetheless, things do not go as planned. He went to Adventures Guild where he discovered himself to be a necromancer. This happens to be one of the turning points of the story.

Most of his life, he had spent with the dead bodies of animals only. However, as the story proceeds, he starts fighting with more powerful enemies. This helps him to level up his abilities. As the story proceeds further, he comes across a teammate named Anya who helps him to gain new capabilities.

Character analysis


Jay, the protagonist of the story was abandoned by his parents when he was a kid. He grew up with the butchers in a small city where his life was normal and boring. Although he was very weak in his initial days, over time he transforms himself to be strong and independent such that he can sustain himself alone.

Jay was however determined to fill his life with adventure on his class awakening day. However, he is unable to touch the magic crystal and fails the class. However, the following day he uncovers that he is a necromancer. This implies that he had the power to resurrect the dead creatures and command them to fight on his behalf which gradually increased his powers.


She is Michale’s daughter who has been extremely proficient with a crossbow. She is highly smart, strong, and charming she helped Jay to partner with her and win the battle. Initially, Jay was highly suspicious of her as he feared she would betray him. However, with time seeing her bravery, Jay starts trusting her. Furthermore, Anya provides crucial insights to Jay in critical times that help him win the battle.


Bertram is a highly lethargic and elderly businessman who sells guns and eats like a king which made him obese. He has some magical swords that he keeps concealed. However, when Jay develops several magical weapons, he tried to conquer a few of them. He has a highly faithful servant named Hess, who binds his spirit to Bertram. Furthermore, they had an agreement that compelled Hess to abort his suicide mission as well.

Review of my necromancer class novel

This is indeed one of the must-reads of all time. There are several exciting elements that keep you hooked to the novel till the end. The novel is mainly based on thriller, fantasy, crime, video games, and necromancy which separates it from other novels. The author has described the sequence of events in a detailed manner throughout the book.

The best part was the character development that was beautifully portrayed. The way they keep acquiring new skills that help them in fighting new battles. The suspense is amazing making the book highly interesting. Overall, if you are a thriller fan, you are surely going to love this novel.

Now that you have a complete idea about my necromancer class novel, you can purchase it at affordable rates both offline and online. You are surely going to love the book if you are an ardent fan of thrillers.

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