My Google Pixel 6 Pro Review And Why I Loved It

Pixel 6 Pro Review

Google’s new phone is the best thing about 2019 so far. The only problem is Google has left us with a small set of questions about our new 5X smartphone. What’s the deal? What’s the best way to spend $1,200? What accessories should I buy to improve my Google Pixel 6 Pro review? Let’s take a look at these and find out!

What’s the deal?

First things first, let’s get this out of the way. Google has left us with a new phone. The Pixel 5c is their first phone with a built-in flashlight mode and the ability to create a “Daydream View” on the wire. But it’s not the only thing new on the Pixel 5c. Many new features include support for 1080p video, heart-rate monitor support, and a new way to access Google Photos. But the most impressive thing about the new phone is the camera. It is the best camera in its class, and it’s also got a Super Zoom lens that can shoot 2x the original resolution! That means Instagram Quality photos and videos, and the best results you’ll get from that phone will likely be selfies and landscape photos.

Google Pixel 5c Review

Google has known about its phone’s impressive camera and ability to create great photos and videos for a long time. However, it was the camera of the caster that put the phone on the map. The Pixel 5c is the first phone with a camera that can shoot 4K video. Not only that, but the camera can also shoot 120fps high-res video, making it perfect for professional work. That means you can shoot everything from a series of still images to 120fps 3D visuals and have it look just like you would have hoped for.

Google Pixel 5 Review

The Google Pixel 5 is the Pixel 5c in white, with a new software update that includes support for the latest Android P. It brings an improved camera, a ton of new features, and a Waterfall mode that allows you to see the life cycle of different apps. The only downside to the latest software update is that you may experience handy apps, and however, that shouldn’t happen to you if you use the phone exclusively as a phone in an office or school. The new software update also helps the Pixel 5c get a good workout by adding the ability to record 2-channel sound, voice recording, and the ability to adjust the speakers’ volume automatically.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Review and Why I Loved It

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is the most expensive phone in the Google Pixel lineup. It’s also the most expensive phone to use as a standalone device, at $699. That’s because it’s an advanced model with a 4K HDR video, an extra high-res camera, and a high-speed Internet connection. It works great as a smartphone, but it’s also super fast and has an excellent camera. It’s the best phone in the world for big-budget videos and photos, and it doesn’t cost a fortune for a phone with all these new features.

What’s the best way to spend $1,200 on a smartphone?

You’re going to spend a small fortune on this phone, but it’s everything you could ask for in a smartphone. A great camera, an advanced version of Android, a plentiful water browser, and a premium price tag. If you want the best, then get this phone. If you wish for all the features but want a little extra cash, contact one of the cheaper phones on the list. If you’re going to see what all the buzz is about, check out the Reviews section on mobile devices. The more amenities you have, the more you’ll appreciate the difference an expensive phone makes.


Google is putting an incredible amount of effort into making their new phone the best thing sinusoidal. The only issue is, we have a small set of further questions about our new phone. What’s the deal? What’s the best way to spend $1,200 on a smartphone? Let’s take a look at these and find out!

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